it’s raining, it’s pouring…

and the old man is snoring. just don’t tell him i called him old. he won’t like that .

a terrible rain storm almost ruined my day. i get the blues really bad when it is cloudy and grey. but my mom talked me into taking the kids to a free Christmas concert at the library. so we went. we bundled up. and it really was lovely. i never thought i’d be so proud of a bunch of public schooled teenagers. but they sang their hearts out. and they even treated us to a few hymns sung in latin. it really was beautiful and i am glad we went.

after the music was over we picked up some items we had on hold. my girl has gotten quite good at reserving things at the library. it always makes me laugh when the little electronic/automatic calling thingy rings us to say that the items of ……are ready. it sounds so sophisticated. kids are so much more with it these days. i never thought to do things like that when i was little. the most exciting thing i did was call the library for those automated stories. did any one else do that? i was such a dork. a book dork. but that is a good thing i think. and my girl is too. the other day we were talking about jane austen, since we are reading pride and prejudice, and she commented on some of the crazy things she’s read about authors. specifically louisa may alcott and emily dickinson. she noted that they were kind of weird. and then a look of horror passed over her face and she asked me, “i am not weird, am i?” and we laughed. because really, aren’t we all just a bit funny in one way or another? 

anyhow, we then went to joann’s. for fabric of course. i am going to make some warm flannel pillow cases for the t.v. room. and of course all of their holiday fabric was soooo tempting. then i had to pick up zots and gold ribbon. nothing earth shatteringly important.

this evening we started the dough for our st. lucy’s day bread. i’ll be using barb’s recipe here. and then there was a request for some warm milk from a certain little boy. so i heated it on the stove and served it with honey and a pinch of nutmeg. it was a BIG hit and i can see it becoming a new favorite. we are really big on experimenting with drinks here. we do love that s***bucks place. but my kids tend to expect to get something too which costs a whole arm and a leg. so….i try to pick up different teas, spices, oils, cream, sugar, honey etc. and we actually have a lot of fun trying new things.

well. i am way past tired. luckily mass isn’t until 1:30 tomorrow. we are so blessed to have a very holy priest coming to say mass for us these days. rumor has it he is mel gibson’s priest. but that doesn’t really surprise me. that is how tiny the latin mass circle is here in california. one minute we are having a crisis. no priests. and then this one shows up. with a driver. in a svelte. black. lincoln town car. go figure.

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2 thoughts on “it’s raining, it’s pouring…

  1. My kids use the reserve system at the library too — I never know what I’ll get at the pick-up window!

    Since I’ve had to give up coffee, tea, and chocolate, I’ve been occasionally enjoying a vanilla milk — warm milk with a teaspoon of honey and a couple drops of vanilla. Make some for that sweet boy.

  2. isn’t it funny how things kind of jump into your cart at joanns? and then the list of to do grow just a bit. maybe one line item or so – but usually by as many kids as you have. plus the “to do” that brought you to the store in the first place.

    but you seem so much more calm about it. the list bothers me. i mean, not enough to get up from the computer and actually sew! but still…

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