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ember wednesday

i woke up with the rising sun. its’ orange.purple glow lit up the otherwise grey sky. i watched the chickens eating remnants of sweet oats from yesterday. clucking happily while their beaks pecked greedily at the soft, damp dirt. i looked out my bedroom window and revelled at the sight of my favorite tree in the back yard while i folded some laundry. i blessed each child as i held their clothes in my hands. i made a quick trip outside to bring in some dish towels and i could see my breath. for just a moment i tried to soak in the warmth of those towels. the heat penetrated through my clothes into my heart. 

i have been asking God for fervor with regards to this sacred vocation of mine. to be faithful in all of these little things. and this morning i was really feeling it. i don’t always, mind you.

when my littlest son awoke we made some of that sweet milk he loves. we paused to watch the nutmeg dance in his cup.

it got late and the noises in and around the house were less soothing. the trash truck. people arriving at the offices on the busy street.noises of a hectic world broke the silence. and me. us. in our quiet. safe. little domestic church. carried on.

i heated the library long before the little ones were awake and prepared a craft. glitter and tissue paper look so lovely in the morning light. later some christmas music and a read-aloud story “sounded so beautiful”. said my littlest son.

i didn’t do all of the things i wanted to on this ember wednesday. after all we had music lessons and the loft was a terrible mess. i overcooked some broccoli and poured almost a ton of rosemary into the spaghetti sauce i was making. that is the second time this week i almost ruined something i was cooking with rosemary. the bottle is mismarked and i thought it was something else. i laughed. my girl laughed at me. hugged me. and said that was why she loved me. because i was so extraordinary. imagine that. all because of that rosemary. (which has a very pungent smell btw.)

so i was a little worried i’d ruined dinner. but then my husband came home and ate two servings……..

this was one of those beautiful. predictable. yet unpredictable days. they don’t happen often enough. but i am sure glad i had the presence of mind to enjoy it.

and i hope you are doing the same!

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