warm. toasty. sweet. glittery. bright.

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6 thoughts on “adjectives

  1. warm. i want to be able to make those fingerless gloves. i’m trying to crochet (last sunday… havent picked it up again yet) a hat. the whole thing is shown in a video online. but i’d really love to be able to knit something other than scarves. seems too difficult w/all the different needles and all. sigh……

  2. Oh so lovely!

    I’m with Shelly, I’d like to learn to make those fingerless gloves, too. Maybe 2010 will be the year =) I think they are soooo adorable!

    Peace & joy to you, dear Regan!

  3. Hoorah, Regan! You’re making great progress on the knitting! I was hoping to get two pairs of fingerless gloves done for the boys before Christmas, but I’m still in the midst of a pair of longies for Gemma, so it may be a bit late. Those look great!

  4. Your pictures are amazing. I like how you found a leaf to go with the gloves. My my those rolls are yummy. The boy…showing motion towards the tree…the beautiful picture of Mary.

    Thank you for the sights, sounds and smells of your world.

    I really really can smell those rolls!

  5. Love those pictures, Regan. Beautiful!

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