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’tis the season

to make up ridiculous rhymes like: matching dresses and kitchen messes. homemade gift tags and barf bags.

i had a few others in my head. earlier. when i sat down to write a blog post. and then realized that just because it is Christmas vacation, i am still required to cook my family dinner. so i had to get off this thing.

and then i had a sick little boy to tend to. he started throwing up after we got home from mass yesterday and continued to do so every time he ate a cracker. or drank a sip of water. which happened to be about every hour. hence my thoughts on barf bags.

the best laid plans always come to a halt when someone gets sick. and i. ever the pessimist. am waiting to see who the next victim of this messy stomach virus is going to be. is it terrible to hope it skips me? because i’ll happily hole myself up here at home. and sew. read. bake and snuggle for as many days as it takes for us to get over this. i just don’t want to be the one barfing. i prefer the handmade gift tags part….

the tree pattern taken roughly from here.

and last, but not least: to all a good nite.


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