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misplacing Jesus

i had them all in a box. the baby figurines for Christmas morning were in the same box as the wise men. so that the natural progression of adding the “characters” at the appropriate time could occur of course.

only i don’t know what i did with that box.

and to this day my over-tired. over caffeinated brain is still puzzled how i misplaced Jesus.

not just because He was supposed to be the reason behind all the hype. the praying. baking. the stories. the crafting. the cleaning. the cooking. the lights. etc. 

but because what kind of good Catholic mother loses baby Jesus. 

but then it dawned on me that it happens to the best of us.

“Your father and i have looked for Thee with sorrow”. mary’s words to her lost Child. they spoke to me from my missal.

and then i looked at the manger in the chapel.

He was there. they hadn’t forgotten.

so though the mangers at home remain empty i am leaving them that way for now. as a reminder of sorts. first for me: to keep looking. like mary did.

and finally it is a reminder to quit trying to put limits on Someone so vast and eternal by squeezing Him into one day. i should know better than that by now.

emmanuel. God is with us.

not just on Christmas morning. but always.

and most especially in the Holy Eucharist.

so what of  this dance of misplacing Him and finding Him? it is something i have done my whole life. and so it will continue i am sure. until my last day. when i will see Him face to face. Judge. Redeemer. Friend.

i hope He forgives me.

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