yo-yo window garlands for my (our) bedroom window and (the girl has one too, of course). printable calendar. backed with blue card stock. eye candy from alice’s talented hands. fresh-picked flowers from an abandoned house spotted on our walk yesterday. and finally, the last letter of the alphabet quilt.

i am signing off to finish it. walk to the library. have lunch with the grandmas. and maybe even see a movie later with my sweetheart.

so far it is a good year.

note i am trying to be less pessimistic in 2010.


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5 thoughts on “new

  1. Well, not once have I ever felt you were pessimistic. Hmm. Now I’m puzzled. I think you’re always rather adorable! Blessings to you in 2010. Also, do finish that lovely quilt and have a yummy lunch.

  2. Happy New Year, dear Regan! It sounds like it is off to a peaceful start. My husband and I almost saw that movie last night, but we saw Avatar (in 3D!) instead. His pick. But I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would =)

    Oh, and thanks for linking to that precious calendar. I look forward to printing mine out. It’s so peaceful and calm! (Just what I need!!)

  3. Happy New Year to you….what beautiful pics!! My fav. —-bananas on that yummy bread! I must be having a craving!

  4. Happy New Year! Beautiful job on that quilt, really really gorgeous!

    Those flowers are so nice to see, especially here in MN, where it is a whopping 18 below zero right now!

    Let us know how that movie is, looks great!

  5. Bonne Annee! As someone who can veer sharply into pessimism and call it realism and then teeter on panic on occasion, I would recommend this book. Actually a very joyful, wonderful, mirth-filled priest gave it to me. I would have hugged him on the spot if I had known how helpful it would be. It is all about focusing on what is good and true and beautiful based on Ephesians 4:8 and kicking out all those R.A.T.S. or ‘really awful thoughts” that seem to invade every so often on a tide of hormones 🙂 Wishing you the best ever!

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