he reminded me a little of johnny tremain. with that big long gun propped on his shoulder.

is he really going to be 16 in less than a month? is he really driving me around? yes. yes, he is.


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3 thoughts on “there

  1. 16??!! Oh, Regan, that seems so BIG!!! I can’t imagine … That day seems so far away, but I know it’s a lot closer than I ever could think it is. Hope you had a great weekend …

  2. i love these pictures. is this a re-enactment? good for you and good for your son. i mean – not for the growing up part. that’s a big NO NO. but for all the rest.

  3. Holy Cow….those pictures are way to cool…please write more about them. What kind of gun is that? We are big hunters around here…is that a muzzle loader?

    ….and your son…well he looks like a handsome young man. Good aim also!

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