the calm

before the storm.

the weather has been far too pleasant for january. it felt like spring. and now we are expecting rain all next week. *sigh*. i know we need it. i just wish cloudy weather didn’t make me feel so blue.

as if the weather should be a certain way in order to accommodate my needs.

we woke up to a horrible rumbling this morning around 4 am. it was an earthquake. not too bad. but unsettling. i never sleep well after we’ve had one. they still scare me even after all these years.


i am trying out a sourdough starter. i’ve never made sourdough bread before but after tasting a loaf of yummy sourdough flax from trader joe’s last week- and me being the bread hog that i am-i couldn’t get it out of my mind- so now seemed like the perfect time to give it a whirl.

i had to move these bulbs outside because swarms of little bugs kept buzzing around them when they were in the kitchen. and frankly, they were bugging me. no pun intended.

this lavender begged to come home with me the other day. it wanted to live with the violets. i couldn’t say no. so here it is. sitting on my back porch. waiting to be planted.

but i am too cold to do any such thing. and tired. we had family game nite here last night with two of my husbands’ sisters and their families. we played balderdash. ate mexican food and had quite a few laughs.

so i guess now i’ll go snuggle up on the couch and watch this. catch up on my rest and maybe try knitting something.

ps. isn’t playing with picnik fun?

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3 thoughts on “the calm

  1. I’ll take blizzards, cold weather and snow over earthquakes…

    Hope you have fun with the sourdough! There are a lot of great recipes online. Besides bread, my favorite is a chocolate cake that is amazingly yummy (King Arthur Flour recipe). I still have a few recipes to try … cinnamon rolls, popovers … and would like to try converting the starter to whole wheat.

    The last couple times I watered my bulbs, I added some plant food (leftover packet from cut flowers) to the water … I think that’s what made the bulbs really take off.

  2. I’ve lived in all those things Suzie mentioned and I don’t like any of them. Hurricane’s are the only thing I have not lived in. Earthquakes are scary though, because there is no where to go to “be safe”. With Tornados at lease we can go in our basements, although still scary, it’s not as sudden, it can be predicted, unlike earthquakes.

    Glad yours was a small one.

    That rising bread is wonderful. I have to admit, at first I thought it was a picture of a planet or something…

    Have a good day Regan, I hope you are feeling happy today!

  3. ack, earthquakes. i hope to NEVER experience one (though likely will here in WA).

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