bits and pieces

so it was one of those days where my husband was home because of the weather. we take so much longer to get going in the mornings when he is home.

at one point i found myself back in bed with a small black and white rabbit cuddled up next to me. my mother thought this was hilarious for some reason. as i relayed it to her over the phone. “what would your husband say?’ she laughed. and i said, well, actually he thinks pepper mcfizz (the bunny) is so soft and sweet ’cause he’s right here petting her. but we did wonder if she was scared of us….the bunny. not my mom.

anyhow. i played hide-n-seek with a cup of tea all morning. boiled the water. forgot about it. re-heated it. put the tea bag to steep. left it again. it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that we were finally able to meet up again. that cup of tea and i. but when we did i sipped it quietly. whilst watching  raindrops race down my bedroom window. avoiding a confrontational teen. a reluctant writer and thinking about the two little ones who still needed me to be a happy mama.

and so we headed to the kitchen to tackle the venezualan empanadas.

i had to play around with the dough as the food network recipe called for pre-made cornmeal. but that’s just not how we do things around here. so instead we called butter in. because butter makes everything better!

and so i think i have discovered, what just might be, the yummiest dough ever. it had a little bit of cornmeal. and was just a tad sweet. in fact tonite, when my hubby and i lay snuggled watching AI, we, actually he, dreamily told me all the things he thought might be really good stuffed in those little pouches of soft, flaky minute he was talking chorizo with potatoes. i suggested vanilla pudding. then he mentioned chocolate. we really are a match made in heaven….

tomorrow i’ll try to post the dough recipe. but probably not the tomatillo salsa though because it was HOT.

we’ve lots to do tomorrow as some of our favorite friends are coming over for crafts. and our town is turning 100 years old so there will be a celebration at the library…

you know it’s not everyday that your town turns 100!

good-nite friends! i so enjoyed all your comments yesterday. especially the ones about taking kids to the store. i ended up taking my girl with me. she is my shadow these days.

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5 thoughts on “bits and pieces

  1. Looking forward to the recipe! Those look scrumptious. Of course, your photos make everything look great…

  2. please do share the recipe. i’ve tried empanadas before ala everydayfood – and while we thought the fillin was okaaaayyy, i definitely DID NOT care for the crust. yours sounds yummy. butter? sugar? another great marriage, imo!

  3. Happy 100 to your town! Fun to celebrate anything in my book.

    Looking forward to that dough recipe…you have to be the best cook in the blog world. Really…you would but ms.littlerachelray to shame!

    You are blessed to have a great hubby….I have one too and cannot get enough of that man!

  4. oh my, those look delicious. i will certainly be trying this recipe (when you give it)

  5. I love those. I had a friend teach me how to make them. Of course, I buy the shells in the freezer (Goya brand). I need to learn to make my own shells.

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