is it really thursday, already?

 it has been one of those funny weeks. you know the kind where one day sort of spills over into the next. i have been “calling” in to see if i am needed for jury duty every single evening. dreading the words that would mean scrambling to get my kids up, fed, clothed and out of the house before 7 am. after all, isn’t that why we homeschool? to avoid those types of inconveniences.

sorry so heavy on the sarcasm. i am full of it because my husband and i are in a “race” to lose 20 lbs. the winner gets to look better than the fatter half. and gloat about how they won.

 monday morning i thought this wasn’t going to be so hard.

but that was before i a) discoverd how delicious nutella is. i could truly eat THE. WHOLE. JAR. and b) sat reading the february martha with a plate full of burnt. gooey. brown rice from this afternoon and 6 organic baby carrots. (without nutella of course).

speaking of sarcasm, i found it extremely funny to read martha’s “calender” on page 4 of the magazine and see things like “clean window shades and blinds”  and “hand-wash sweaters”, when, honestly, are we supposed to believe she does such things herself ? however, i was pleased to see that even she doesn’t work out every day.

on  a lighter note: february is a funny month for me. while we are enjoying some very sunny weather, it is COLD outside. the wind this afternoon blew as if to say, it is still winter, silly, why did you go out with wet hair?

i bought more seed packets today after a period of mourning. it makes me sick to even type this, but our gardeners killed ALL of our seedlings. my girl and i were devastated. the cosmos. zinnias. sweet peas. sunflowers. dead. all of them. we will be starting over. from scratch.

all of our bulbs are doing swell, though. i am quite content with container gardening for the moment, except my curly-haired boy wants to grow carrots. so i guess we’ll be figuring out the ins and outs of that in the next few weeks.

i have over-planned for school, which is a good thing for me because even though i know i won’t accomplish half of what i planned, we have found a steady late winter rhythm. thank you Jesus and Mary.

i am extremely happy, but just a wee bit sad to say that my almost 6 year-old is officially “leading” his own decade of the rosary. with no mistakes. “let me say this one, mama” he whispers to me. and so he does. with just the hint of a lisp. and my heart melts. he is not reading yet. but that will come with time i am sure.

so is it really thursday, already? this bleak and blue month is usually a long one for me. this year my big boy turns 16 on super-bowl sunday. i have a little sad anniversary of sorts coming up. but time is such a great healer of all wounds. the ebb and flow of life and death are constantly around us. reminding us how precious our days are.

i don’t mean to be absent from this space so much. but sometimes i sit here to write and i don’t know what to say…not sure how much i should share.

and then my time is so rarely my own and even when it is sometimes i just want to take a nap or catch up on my reading.

so…i hope that this post finds you all well. enjoying the sweet things in life.

because really, even carrots can be sweet.

it all depends on how you look at things!


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9 thoughts on “is it really thursday, already?

  1. Lovely, Regan. Lovely thoughts.

    Try some roasted cauliflower, and some pepper couscous. Yum.

  2. About Living… I thought the same when I read through the calendar! But, she does have some good reminders for ordinary tasks.

    My weight loss goal is about the same. I have such good intentions of exercising every day, but like you, my days really aren’t ‘all’ my own. The Wii Fit does help, though, when I can use it. And, yes, I do find carrots sweet!

    So sad about your seedlings. Hope the new seeds grow and prosper, quickly.

  3. High five! I eat the whole jar of Nutella too. Which is why I never, ever buy it. 🙂

  4. I absolutely agree 100% with you, our days truly are most precious. We can choose how we will live them and what mark we will make on them by the end of the day.

    For your snacking pleasure, try cutting a head of iceburg lettuce in four, and just chomping on that. It’s really quite refreshing and low cal. 🙂 Have a great day! God bless.

  5. annita on said:

    I am enjoying your blog. I have seen your name on other blogs that I subscribe to (although, I think I am subscribing to too many… I really do not have time to “visit” so many people!) and have been visiting your blog for a while. You write well! Have a nice day… peace.

  6. I’m sorry for your loss. I look at my baby Gabriel (miscarriage Oct 2001) as a gift, for he is waiting for all of us. The kids talk about him waiting for us to get to Heaven. a very good reason for us to be good here on earth, right? I picture Mother Mary holding him, rocking him.

    SO great you pray the rosary as a family, how beautiful!

    Have you ever seen the show “Whatever Martha!” it’s her daughter and her friend (Martha’s daughter) watching her shows and making fun of some of the things she says and does and trying the recipes and crafts in person, it’s pretty funny.

  7. Hoping your weight loss with hubby goes well. Those men though can lose weight so fast it makes me mad.

    I would love to start some seedlings also. Who were those naughty gardners?? Kiddos of yours??!!

    Post when your heart and mind allows. I love coming here everyday.

    What a blessing your sweet 6yr old saying the rosary with a lisp. Lub it!

    hoping for a another girl here also….but a boy is a blessing too. Hopefully just a couple more days! But it might take longer….who knows!

  8. good luck on the weight loss. kick hubbies butt.

    what a sweet poem! sorry for your loss.

  9. it is thursday, alas. and i’m sorry but carrots don’t equal nutella. and roasted cauliflower doesn’t = nutella either. i don’t even buy the stuff because i know i would eat the whole jar. at least. and i’m sorry to say your husband took advantage of you. everybody knows men lose weight faster. so in the end, you win – proclaim it so – an then gloat. i’m sure we could find some sort of math equation to prove your point.

    and i’m sorry for your loss. pesky gardeners. at least it wasn’t your husband. my husband went a little gung ho one year with the round up on little seedlings he swore were weeds. yea right.

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