casting purls

i am a really. slow. knitter. i don’t like purls. so i try to avoid them. i could be doing something wrong. but for now i am trying to be satisfied with little tiny useful projects. like this sweet cozy for my girl’s glasses.

we recently discovered she has a stigmatism and being an avid reader needed glasses. it is to her advantage that she looks so stinkin’ cute in them. but every girl needs a pretty glass case. so i being the crafty mama that i am, said, no, let’s not buy that zebra print one from the store. i’ll make you one instead.

and so i did. one sunday afternoon while we watched talk of the town with cary grant. laughing ourselves silly.

so glad to know i am not alone on the nutella thing. they really shouldn’t be allowed to make something like that and market it like common peanut butter. it is dangerous.

and i do keep hearing about the men losing weight faster thing.

now what do you think about this: should men who bring home donuts and starbucks in the morning be disqualified? immediately?

i smell sabotage.

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6 thoughts on “casting purls

  1. I love Cary Grant…I just hit your link to Netflix and queued up a few Grant films. Luckily my kids love oldies. “My Man Godfrey” was the favorite for a long time…

    We need to knit together! I actually purl faster than I knit! We could pas our pieces back and forth…

    I haven’t had to fight my weight yet–in our family, the women put on the extra pounds once they hit menopause, and I’m getting close to that–but my husband could afford to lose 25-30 lbs. He doesn’t seem to mind the extra weight, but I told him with 6 growing kids, we just can’t afford to keep buying him bigger clothes every couple of years. Lent is an excellent time for diets, as Nutella becomes an occasion of sin during it…

    And donuts do smell like sabotage…

  2. Definitely sabotage!

    Haven’t tried Nutella … looks too much like spreading chocolate on toast. I could just melt chocolate chips and spread it over peanut butter … would that be about the same effect??

    I haven’t watched many Cary Grant movies, but my favorite thus far is An Affair to Remember.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes!!
    Men do. and it sucks.

    My husband lost 17 lbs in the last 3 weeks, I’ve lost 3. Doing exactly the same thing. except of course he eats more.

    it’s just not fair.

  4. Life is short – eat Nutella . . . drink wine . . . do everything in moderation and then there’s no guilt!!! BIG HUGS to you!

  5. annita on said:

    Thank you for your e-mail, Regan. I love the glasses case… very pretty. I also love Cary Grant… I own many of his movies. Two of my favorites are “The Bishop’s Wife” and “An Affair to Remember” (I have most of the lines memorized! 😉

  6. donuts = sabotage
    starbucks = strong coffee smell to cover the smell of sabotage

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