now isn’t that a clever title? that caught your eye, didn’t it?

i have nothing but totally random thoughts swimming thru my tired head right now.

tonight as i read stories to the little people in my life they fell asleep and as i lay there i was in awe of their beautiful eyelashes. perfect pink cheeks. and sweet faces. i kept wanting to kiss them. but out of fear of waking them i didn’t. instead i just stared. and thanked the Creator Who fashioned those wonderful human beings i am blessed enough to take care of.

little people are so special. and the time we have with them passes by so quickly.

this silly little pillow is my only recent sewing accomplishment.

i haven’t had a lot of free time lately and  i am a tiny bit resentful of that. but then after reading the story of the “saint of the day” i felt so rotten for feeling resentful.

teeth knocked out. burnt alive. geesh. martyrdom is not something for the faint of heart. that’s for sure.

but then again, isn’t that what this motherhood thing sort of is anyway? a martyrdom of sorts. dying to self.

i should’ve stuck with just hi. i know.

i’ll go to bed.

but not before i say that i have been getting some really weird spam.

would you post a comment made by someone called another whacko? even if they said God bless you?

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4 thoughts on “hi

  1. I’m impressed you’ve found time to create the pillow!

    You’ve described motherhood quite acurrately … contentedly gazing at our children & at the same time dying to self …. everyday.

    On the commenter … what does their title mean? I’d want to know the meaning. The online world is hard in that way, because words, and the way we interpret the words, is the way we come to know people. So easy to mis-interpret someone’s meaning!

  2. Adorable pillow, Regan! And your assessment of motherhood is oh-so-true. I feel a little resentful, at times, when I don’t get “me” time, and then I feel selfish, too. Ugh. Constant battle, which is why THIS is our road to sanctification. I read a post over at “Like Mother Like Daughter” that addresses this somewhat. It’s on my list of shared items, if you want to take a look. Have a lovely day, friend!

  3. Motherhood is a martyrdom of pinpricks. Over a lifetime. A little less gory, but it is relentless. Thankfully it has an upside, too (think eyelashes and rosy cheeks), which burnt flesh has not.

    My line is…and I might get this on a Cafepress T-shirt one day…”A child is a cross in its most embraceable form.”

  4. oh that pillow is so cute!
    being a mother is a martyrdom that we all embrace whole heartedly, but thank goodness there are those eyelashes and rosy cheeks to get us through.

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