isn’t she… pretty in pink….

those words remind me of that movie. did you like it too? i always wanted to dress like andie. drive a pink carmengia. work in a record store. and have a duckie of my own.

the psychadelic furs was a great band.

the 80’s really were really something. crimped hair. stirrup leggings. geometric shaped earrings. bubblegum and lip gloss. it is all sort of coming back, but it’s not the same. i’m not 10 anymore.

i had a pair of patent leather-ish turqoise colored flats that i just loved. i think i tried to buy all my school clothes that year to match those shoes.

gosh i miss those shoes.

what was your most favorite thing about the 80’s?

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6 thoughts on “nostalgia

  1. I was in my late teens/early twenties back then. In my senior year, I made a big splash in our little, conservative school…hot pink parachute pants with zippers everywhere, a really bright Hawaiian shirt (lots of hot pink and turquoise), magenta hair dye and bright lipstick. I listened to Blondie, Psychedelic Furs, The Clash, The English Beat, Adam and the Ants, Devo, Dexie’s Midnight Runners, Elvis Costello…oh, so many bands…

  2. Yes, very pretty in pink.

    My favorite article of clothing was a 3/4 length jean jacket … I saved and saved for that jacket. I had almost every color of Naturalizer flats, worn without socks and skinny jeans rolled just right. Couldn’t wear stirrups because I never found any long enough!

    I have no idea about the band, though. I was more into country, classical (the ballet influence!) and a little bit of Bon Jovi.

  3. Oh boy, I was in college, got married and had my first child in the 80s. That was a big spread. My favorite thing was preppy clothes. I was just remembering the other day that we used to wear two or even three polo shirts — just so we could get on all the colors of our plaid skirts (I was a sorority girl). And we would sit on the steps of the sorority house and watch the frat boys walk by whiles 80s tunes blasted out the windows of all the frat houses. That was another life for sure!

  4. I have to be honest and say that I happily leave behind most things from the 80’s! lol! But…I do love leggings and big shirts:)

  5. caroline laughs and it’s raining all day

    though i am pretty sure the premise of that song is not one you would want associated with your daughter. at least the way i understood the lyrics.
    hmm, the 80s. . . i was in elementary/middle school. i remember cutting up my jeans and writing on them. oh and big bangs. favorite 80s songs now are video killed the radio star and come on eileen. back then i loved the cure. i remember having to do a dance in one of my classes to you give love a bad name.

    [i] am gone but the joke’s the same

  6. The music. I loved the music, still do!
    Loved that movie too, still do!

    Your girl is pretty in Pink! Fun post!

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