come on eileen….

you gals have me smiling like crazy…sometimes it’s kinda fun to go down memory lane.  and i can seriously picture all of the things you’s all GREAT.

we could talk about clothes and that 80’s music for days.

even though we all know that the music wasn’t morally sound. a lot of those songs were naughty!

so for morality’s sake: shame on those 80’s tunes.

maybe the nineties were better?

definitely! ’cause it’s friday. i’m in love.

up next: love stories.

how you met your sweetheart. i think we should post ’em on our blogs. for st. valentine’s day sake.

link here if you wish and i’d love to read them!

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5 thoughts on “come on eileen….

  1. Okay! I’ve got mine written (twist my arm) but won’t post it until St. Valentine’s Day. I’ll link it when it’s up and look forward to reading others:)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. You are so sweet thinking about me and the little soul to be born.

  3. i dont care if monday’s blue

    1990-i loved concrete blonde. thought i was so cool blaring it in my room because tomorrow wendy had the word ass in it. of course now i dont agree with the lyrics but still i like the song and have it on itunes.

    i had the rachel haircut in high school.

    thursday i dont care about you

  4. Left you a love story. When do I get to hear yours?

  5. Mine’s up! I agree with Barbara…waiting to here your story:)

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