three cheers!

i really wanted to write sweet notes to all of you for your kind comments. but unfortunately a nasty hay-fever-like cold has taken over my body. so i hope this will suffice…thank you ladies.

God is good to those who love Him and that is really what our love story taught me. i always wanted to live right in the eyes of God and my parents. i was not by nature a bad girl.

i am living proof that our redemption is right at our fingertips if we only reach for it. grasp it. and hold onto it like our very life depends upon it. because it does. 

our whole lives are this sort of love story with God as well and it can be so beautiful to watch Him work His miracles in us. if we let Him.

tonight i am so thankful for this faith that we share. the way it has brought me together with you my readers. the way we uplift one another. strangers in many ways yet friends across the miles.

i had the opportunity to spend a lot of time this weekend with real life friends and i haven’t done that in a while. some i haven’t seen in  ages and i am really overwhelmed by all of the blessings in my life.

so for friends. in real life and otherwise: three cheers! (can you tell i’ve been reading too much pooh and piglet?)

wishing you a happy fat tuesday and a very holy lent.


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One thought on “three cheers!

  1. Regan, I continue to enjoy your blog. I was touched by your post about your relationship with your husband and the path it has taken over the years. You are right about friends… they come in all forms. Nothing can replace a friend “in person”, but despite not having a blog of my own, I have enjoyed meeting so many through the blog-o-sphere. Enjoyed the visit and thank you for sharing your story! Peace

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