she no longer says alleluia

during lent the Church clothes herself in somber and dark colors. she no longer says alleluia.

~excerpt from the sermons of st. francis de sales for Lent given in 1622

a few frivolous pictures before the fast. a finished scarf for my girl. in simple garter stitch. and some new seeds with little pots. i am itching to get something planted. the weather is delightful. sorry cold weather friends. but this is CA we’re talking about.

today was anything but fat. i didn’t make any goodies like the kids wanted. being under the weather makes me less accommodating. it’s different when they are sick. i try really hard. but just getting school done is taking all my energy.

i am really looking forward to lent this year. the Church, in her infinite wisdom, has set these forty days during a time when the house needs cleaning right along with the soul. all the feasting from Christmas treats has added some extra pounds. new “things” make closets and toyboxes seem fuller and well, frankly, i could use some discipline.

especially right before spring.

it is my very favorite season. and it’s almost here. i can smell it. the doors and windows are open. yesterday and today we had such warm temps. i enjoy doing school outside. the fridge is filled with lots of fresh veggies and flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. for the past few days i’ve had bare feet. the cool wood floors feel so nice. we even did a bit of bird watching this afternoon. the trees are still naked so we can see our little visitors without any hindrance from the leaves.

it’s all a bit premature. this spring fling. i know. but it is so enjoyable.

it’s going to be so hard not to say alleluia.

i am going to try really hard to focus on those dark. somber colors. a good honest look deep within myself will surely give me plenty of reasons.

i want to fast well:

“entire and universal. with all the members of my body and powers of my soul. keeping my eyes lowered, or at least lower than ordinarily; keeping better silence, or at least keeping it more punctual than usual; mortifying hearing and the tongue so that i will no longer hear or speak of anything vain or useless; the understanding, in order to consider only holy and pious subjects, the memory, in filling it with remembrance of bitter and sorrowful things and avoiding joyous and gracious thoughts; keeping my will in check and my spirit at the foot of the crucifix with some holy and sorrowful thought. seeking to please God alone.”

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4 thoughts on “she no longer says alleluia

  1. We are still in the thick of winter here–drinking hot tea and listening to The Long Winter on audio tape. Even my mind-set is one of winter; I cannot think of Easter and Lent seems to stretch endlessly before me.

    Love the scarf…yummy yarn!

    Off to make grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids…Hope you can “do” Lent well this year. I always have it as a goal to do so. This year I have been given a task by a priest friend, so I am setting out with some trepidation…

  2. Happy Lent! Can I say that? Maybe without the exclamation point? The Church is so wise…40 days of penitence can be ever so refreshing. 😉

  3. I bid you well this Lenten season, my darling friend! It is certain that if you knock, He will answer. So, let Him in! God bless you and keep you in His tenderest care. Keep writing your beautiful words, which I find such encouragement in. Mmmmm, yes. Yes, we all need to encourage one another to be for God Alone.

  4. your writing is so beautiful. this post conjures up a lot, but its your blog, so i’ll keep it to “thanks”

    we moved 1 day south of our home, and it was 50 today! do you know how happy that makes me feel? “home” was only 19!

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