crab and cream cheese stuffed wontons

these are e.a.s.y.

things you need:

-wonton wrappers

-imitation crab meat

-1 pkg. cream cheese

-1 sm. bunch of green onions


-ground pepper

-ground and/or fresh ginger

-salt to taste

-garlic powder and/or fresh garlic

-olive oil

what to do:

soften cream cheese in microwave. approx. 45 to 50 seconds. or on the stove. medium heat until soft. but not burnt!

mix softened cream cheese with a spatula.

add paprika. ginger. pepper. garlic powder. a pinch of salt.

dice crab and green onions.

on a cutting board assemble the won tons by adding approx. 1/2 t. (or more) of cream cheese mixture. a bit of crab and onions to the “paper”. pinch together-using the cream cheese as “glue” so that it is is snug, but not completely closed on top. you’ll see the ingredients peeking out a bit. avoid overstuffing.

(while you are assembling the wontons you can prep the pan with just enough of the olive oil to barely cover-but not completely-the bottom of the pan to fry them in, but be careful not to burn it!)

fry the wontons so they appear toasty/crisp in the olive oil. adding more garlic powder. ground ginger and pepper. to your desired taste. you can easily flip them over a few times to cook both sides.

the nice thing about prepping them in this assembly line way is that you can make them to suit the tastes of all the members of your household! we do different “fold” for the one that are made with or without something. my girl has her signature fold. they look like little dumplings.

picture repeat. just for the recipe’s sake!

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5 thoughts on “crab and cream cheese stuffed wontons

  1. Yummy… I have been trying to let my kids cook and bake more often (the younger ones… my 5 y/o son made dinner tonight… with just a little bit of help 🙂 I think they would like to try these… we love crab!

  2. My kids love these. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou. I have had these on the brain since you did your last post!

    Wonton wrappers are on the shopping list!

  4. dehadley on said:

    Yum yum yum. Asian supermarket here I come! (The Irish palate is hideously bland, wonton wrappers are most certainly not available in the produce section as they were at my beloved Kroger. *sniff*) Thanks for posting! 🙂

  5. okay – can you say FRIDAY DINNER!!! ThanK You for this great idea’r! I love wonton wrappers – so much you can do w/them 🙂

    when do you sew, crochet, knit, craft? i don’t know how you make the time. i suppose that’s the key… *Making* the time. :::sigh:::
    I love your craftiness – truly inspiring! 🙂

    have a wonderful Friday!

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