the here. the now.



it all happens so fast. the morning rush. breakfast. dishes cluttering a clean sink. kids in and out. up and down. noise. laughter. sunlight. papers scattered everywhere. skateboards. shoes by the stairs.

a daddy long legs spider in someone’s bath towel. which becomes drama enough that he wants you to be in the bathroom with him while he bathes. just in case the spider crawls into said bath with him.

he’s no sooner out of the water and he wants to make a volcano.

but she needs her hair braided.

and then the big boys are making plans to go to boxing tonite.

but i had dinner plans with my mom.

my sister-in-law calls. she wants to go to dinner too.

two invitations for one night?

and i can’t do either.

because there is just too much to be done.

and all i really want to do is: sit in my favorite chair. enjoy my fruit salad. do a little embroidery. watch the little people play catch. and wait for my daffodil to bloom.

waiting for your first daffodil to bloom is a lot like waiting for a baby to be born. you know something beautiful is so close. but it’s just not quite ready yet.

we are such impatient creatures.

and life really is so beautiful. here. and now.


happy week-ending, friends. enjoy your here. and now.

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6 thoughts on “the here. the now.

  1. Wow, you have daffs budding already? Gosh we just had another eight inches of snow yesterday, how I long to have blooms sooner than later this year. Great pics, baseball is really just around the corner, and then time for the great outdoors again. Yeah.

  2. Your gripes sound just like mine…

    As I go through my day I keep eying my knitting (or colored pencils, or reading, or whatever) and thinking, “Just as soon as I get done with this I will sit and enjoy a few minutes”, but some days it just doesn’t happen, and I have to fight feeling grumpy and resentful.

    I’m coveting your quilt, Regan!

  3. Ahh, the anticipation of a bloom! I love seeing your pictures; they’re wistful and pinpoint your mood so perfectly.

    I’d like to find a perfect chair. Maybe once I find it, crafting will just happen? Mine might have roller feet that roll around between a serger and sewing machine!

  4. Your photos look like something from a magazine!

  5. is that a quilt out of vintage linens? its beautiful. and the embroidery, too. vintage pattern?

  6. Hi Regan!! I’ve missed reading and keeping up with everyone’s lives. It feels as if I’ve given up my friends….We do the Sunday thing, I can read on Sundays!!! (I have cheated though and read Christine’s and craft blogs for craft ideas)

    I love that beautiful quilt you are making, how beautiful!!! You are so gifted and talented!

    Don’t you wish we (mothers) had an extra 4 hours every day, to do what we’d like to? You, know, 2 would be good too. and those extra hours would not make us more tired either!!

    Have a great week, God bless!

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