right along. in spite of rainstorms. tummy bugs. and big boys with earaches.

there are still plenty of bright spots:

bits of sunshine shining on socks-in-progress( i broke down and bought this book and so far so good!)

blooming grape hyacinths. muddy garden gnomes. little boys who delight in the simple things. like weeding the yard with his new red hoe. a “hoe-hoe” he calls it.

we are immensely enjoying this book right now. i think my garden helper can relate a little too much with the naughty toad and his escapades.

this week feels gone already and it’s only wednesday. today is music lessons. the post office and library day. leftovers for dinner.

thursday is our anniversary and first baseball practice for our smallest ball player.

i have so many projects in my mind, but really need to stick to my lenten cleaning schedule instead.

oh, yes. this month is march-ing right along.

wishing you well friends.

hope you have a few bright spots to brag about too!

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6 thoughts on “march-ing

  1. The Wind in the Willows was a childhood favorite. The oldest have read it, but not the middle on down. Time to bring it out again?

    It’s wonderful when the kids want to help in the garden! Love that your boy calls it a hoe-hoe, sounds like my 7yo chatting away as he works.

    Happy Anniversary – early! Hope you are able to have some special time together at some point.

    A bright spot: I was able to take a nap yesterday.

  2. Socks! As soon as I finish a bunch of baby things, I am going to try socks, as I am sick and tired of those boring cotton six-packs of socks from Walmart that are goo for 3 wearings and then wear through! I found this online tutorial:

    but I may look up your sock book after reading the reviews.

    My bright spot: Gemma. Right now the rest of the kids are acting like a pack of wild beasts. I feel like a lion tamer.

  3. Dear Regan…*you* are a bright spot! God bless you…

  4. Your yarn is pretty! Very spring-y! I can’t wait to learn to make socks. So fun!!

    My bright spot? This sunshine we are enjoying. It has really made a difference in my mood =)

    Happy Wednesday, friend!

  5. we’ve started wind in the willows too! i think we’re to chapter 4 and now and my kids are loving it. i am especially surprised that my middle boy loves it sooo much. how fun!

    and am glad you started those socks.

  6. yep, this place is one of my bright spots! 🙂

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