love & marriage


fresh eggs. butter colored cotton fabric. making my own wonky slip cover.

the result being a chair that looks like sunshine.

roses. balloons and eating dinner out “with a man who still makes me shiver” for our ten-year anniversary.

life is certainly not all roses and sunshine here all of the time.

or even most of the time.

but just for tonite let’s pretend.

because i can’t stop looking at that chair.

or enjoying(?) the gentle(?) rhythym of his snoring.

a sound that makes me sure he’s here.

after many. many. years. 

so raise a glass with me.

to love and marriage.

and yellow cotton.

happy week-ending friends.

what are you love-ing?

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14 thoughts on “love & marriage

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    You tamed the “bad boy” and got to marry him!

    What am I loving? Homemade yogurt with a thick layer of cream on top, with partially frozen blueberries for breakfast.

    The sun shining after weeks of gray.

    Gemma turning toys over in her chubby hands to inspect them.

    Window stars with the sunlight shining through them.

    Coffee. Sweetened on Sundays.

  2. A very happy anniversary, dear Regan!

    Loving that sunshiny chair and its rosy friend…

    Loving the same man for nearly 30 years…and yes, he still makes me shiver…

    Loving that the laundry is ALL done!

    Loving clean, new blinds on all 22 windows…

    Loving the hard, cold glint of starlight as hubby and I ventured out to Adoration last night…

    Loving a bunch of friends I’ve never met and the tenuous strands of “web” that bind us together…

  3. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you dozens more!

    Loving slowing down life — if just for a few days.

    Loving nursing — my husband said I should go back to school. 😉

    Loving Lent.

    Loving kids.

  4. happy anniversary regan!
    that chair is so cute! beautiful home

    i am loving the sleeping baby in my arms
    the good morning kisses from my kiddos
    a hot cup of coffee
    good books and knitting
    dear friends

  5. Loving…
    sweet little boy who is 4 mos. today
    foggy, snowy winter scene out my kitchen window
    two little boys talking about Bowser & Luigi (Mario game)
    cup of tea
    a clear head! (no more cold today!)
    the thought of all of us being home tomorrow with nowhere to go

  6. i am loving the gorgeous sunshine outside!!

    i am loving ROSEMARY!! Bagels, butter + ROSEMARY, Grilled cheese + ROSEMARY!!

    it’s all good!!

    (btw, only ONE cat in the hat HAT. They just all had to have their pict. with it on! LOL) (even DAni’s cat had a turn… i havent posted the pic yet….she’s just badgering me to though 🙂

  7. happy anniversary!

    nap time.
    that white contain lace edging on your first picture.
    my kids, outside, under a tree, combing the grass for bugs or signs of spring or whatever is…

  8. happy anniversary!

    i am loving our new sheets. 650 thread count. LOVE them so much i cant get out of bed anymore it seems


  9. Oh, darling girl . . . Happy Anniversary and my prayer for you is many more years of this gentle joy and love filled life!!! When you hit the bumps, hold each others hands real tight!!!

    I’m loving my coffee and biscotti at the moment. I’m in a love-hate relationship with my new “gel” nails. I have to time the bathroom visits to allow “zipper and button struggle” time. Ugh! Don’t get me started on the typing! Geesh.

  10. how rude of me: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (belated)!!!

    and i never answered your question about the HAT: I ordered it off eBay a couple years ago.

  11. Oh my goodness! We share the same wedding anniversary date Regan! I am so thrilled to see this post today, and offer sincere anniversaries to you and your hubby. Happy Anniversary! Like a fine wine, it all gets even better with age. Oh, and love that slip cover. You did a great job! 🙂

  12. Happy, happy 10th anniversary to you and your husband! May God bless you with many, many, many more years together.

  13. A LUB post!!! I lub it.

    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. May God bless you both and your holy union together.

    I LUB your fresh eggs.

    I LUB being married too.

  14. Dirtdartwife on said:

    I hope your anniversary was splendid and may God bless you with health and happiness in all aspects of your marriage for MANY more years!!!

    What do I love: sunshine, warmth, my newest baby’s snoring while on my chest, watching the older ones cuddle their new baby sister, watching my only son be SO defensive of his baby sister as if he’s saying “God charged me to protect her and protect her I will!” (he’s only two), and loving the fact that my husband is home from his deployment. I also love God’s grace which He gives me so abundantly although I’m sure I don’t deserve it.

    God bless you this week!!!

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