frabjous-ness and random-ness

ranunculus are frabjous.

if you’ve been to wonderland recently, as we have on sunday, you’ll probably want to use that word too.

fresh flowers tucked in different parts of the house really cheers me up.

today was wicked cold and dreary. it felt a lot like march is supposed to feel. my fingers are numb. fingerless mitts simply aren’t enough.

i am really loving this song. but the video is so weird. i must be getting old. (but not old enough to not be contemplating going to see them in mexico this summer. even after i promised my mother i wouldn’t be going there again after our last stint there wherein our taxi driver talked so nonchalantly with my husband-in spanish- about how peoples’ organs were being stolen and harvested in local hospitals and the recent murder at the airport for something drug-related-while i silently prayed a litany of ave maria’s that we’d get home to our babies.)

but back to the song.

it did make me think a lot about my cousins who were killed in the last few years. such tragic. untimely deaths.

the trial for olivia is starting this month. i type her name because people don’t often want to say the name of a victim of a violent crime. they are afraid of the painful memories it evokes.

my family is going to need a lot of prayer. murder is one of those things that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. it affects you in a way like you never imagined and healing and forgiveness only comes with the grace of God.

up since 6 am i am tired.

i had to leave the house for a number of errands out-of-town. one of which took me to the big mall. i hate big malls. for various reasons. the annoying music. bright flashing lights and army of mannequins in old navy being only a few.

but my favorite face-make up (one of my luxuries i afford myself). the only make-up that covers my freckles. and makes me feel slighty pretty is at that awful mall.

and so there i went. and there i waited way too long. only to come home and find out that it is available online.

i love shopping online. for various reasons. saving money by not having to buy a certain teenager a pair of shoes. some pants and shorts being just a few.

a certain teenager who is signing up for driver’s ed this week.

that is not frabjous.

so what little luxuries do you afford yourself, if and when you can?

we all have an achille’s heel.

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5 thoughts on “frabjous-ness and random-ness

  1. I do love this song, but the video depresses me….my achilles’ heel? Hmmm….oddly enough fruits and veggies. I know the prices of tomatoes, citrus, and berries went up due to the frost issues, but I’ll still buy them. Soooo yummy.

  2. The flowers are so springly! But, we have ground poking through up here … that’s exciting for us.

    My little luxury is a pedicure. My sister’s birthday is in May, so the last couple years we’ve gone for pedicures together with my mom and any SIL’s who can make the date work.

    I’ve never heard that song before and I didn’t make it through the whole video – stopped where he popped off the mattress! I never really got into music video watching, so please forgive me on that one. Probably because for most of the 80’s we didn’t have dish & when we did finally get a dish, I just plain didn’t have time to watch.

  3. So Sorry to hear about your cousins. Horrible. Nobody should ever lose a loved one that way.

    Up since 6am??!! Should have a baby to hold or cows to milk if you are up that early!

    I get my hair done. Spend a ton of money getting highlights put in. My hair is so fine and UGLY! I also eat too much chocolate.

  4. i’m sorry to hear about your cousins.

    and the trip to the mall. not that they are on the same level. but i’m sorry none the less.

    achilles heel? time. ALONE. is the most important one. the one that hurts the most because i want it and don’t often get it. others include: buying fabric, buying books.

    i SO want to see that movie!

  5. my luxury is l’occitane’s lemon verbena spray. I use it religiously.

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