spring-ing ahead

this time change has me out of sorts. it always does for the first month. or so. but the lovely burst of warm weather we are having is making the transition a little easier.

moving books and students outside this afternoon to tackle long division and copywork with the sun shining on our faces made the grueling task a bit easier.

there were still some tears. because of the long division. but for some reason doing work outside with our sweet garden flowers smiling at us and hearing the birds singing their spring serenade makes all the other stuff seem not so bad.

even the weeds were pretty.

sounds idyllic, huh? well, humor me, would ya?

our census packets came today. i am planning a unit study on this subject.

here are just a few things we are reading:

a spotlight for harry 

spellbinder the life of harry houdini

edward lear’s the scroobious pip 

whiskers and rhymes

peter and the wolf

and tico and the golden wings .

leo lionni is quickly becoming one of our all time favorite authors. we love. love. love his artwork and his stories. he is up there with eric carle and tomie de paola.

speaking of love. i am loving embroidery these days. knitting stitches are so hard for me to keep track of right now. i thought that somehow baseball season would afford some quality chair sitting. knitting time. but that is just not happening. so instead of being a poor sport i am venturing out with my scary lump of embroidery thread. i think i’ve shown it to you before. it’s so big it is impossible to lose track of it. i say it like it is an entity. and really it is!

my girl requested a custom embroidery piece. a cute little hoop with a certain bird. music notes and flowers. and i, being the attentive mother, obliged.

i obliged mostly because one day i noticed that the doll cradle was no longer being played with. it was upstairs in a pile of “things to be put away”. i felt a lump in my throat because i had meant to paint it but never got around to it. and that made me really sad so i am trying not to let that happen again.

the time wherein your children specifically request certain things from you doesn’t last long. and i hate having regrets.

are there specific things you regret with regards to your kids? things you’ve left undone?

come on. make me feel better….

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8 thoughts on “spring-ing ahead

  1. I regret not doing a plaster handprint of Dash when he was around 6/7 years. He did do one at Christmas, his hand barely fit on the plate!

    Leo’s Christmas stocking is still sitting on the dining room table – waiting for it’s lining to be sewn in, too! However, there’s still a bit of time before 12/6/10.

    The embroidery is lovely, Regan. I hope to have time to do try that again some year … I’ve completed one, very large, embroidery project in the past. But in general, hand stitching has always been my least favorite part of sewing.

    It’s sunny here today, too!!

  2. I regret when I tell a child we can do something “special,” and that time gets pushed back and back and back, because “more urgent matters” get in the way. And then that child reminds me of “our” time, and I just feel terrible …

    And scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking for my kids, but with five of them now, I like the craft less and less, because there’s so many to keep up with. And I think everyone needs the same amount. And, well, it’s a problem. I don’t regret it per say, but maybe I regret not keeping up with it. Or maybe I regret not keeping it more simple … I somehow have to figure out a better, simpler way to preserve these memories for each of them, but I haven’t done so yet!

  3. Sarah on said:

    Love that bird stitchery. 🙂
    My regrets are about the same as the previous Sarah. Plus, the x-stitch birth announcement for Crickles sits and waits for my finishing touches attention . . . and there were new kits to work on . . . I regret not finishing it. P’raps this post was the jump start kick I needed to think about that stitchery and get to it!
    How do I post pics on my word press blog? Help me, please, when you have a moment shoot me an email. Thanks!!!

  4. No regrets here…I am super mama….


    I am trying to make a history book for all my kids. Pictures and stories of their grand and great grandparents. Where they came from…fun stories….hate when divorce messes my fun stoires up..

    but…I regret that I will never finish that project for my kiddos.

    again love all you do. sitting in the weeds is cool!

  5. Oh that bird is adorable!
    Knitting time hasn’t happened here either, neither has embroidery…

    Oh I have a ton of stuff I wish/wished I had time to make for my kiddos. I really want to make them all a quilt for their beds. And their baby books…oh I don’t even want to think about it!

  6. yeah, i was gonna say the same thing Christine said! “no regrets, I’m the perfect parent!” – i always have regrets and second-guess my decisions. Melancholic temperment. really stinks.

    so, when you embroider do you always keep them in a hoop? do you decorate/paint your hoops? that’s a thought – never had that thought before i saw your hoop. I’m trying to think of other ways to “display” embroidery. it is very fun. you are really good and creative at it/with it.

  7. love that ribbon the embroidery hoop! did you design that bird/music yourself? and how do you finish so quickly? i’d like to believe you are the attentive mother – but attentive mama’s have so. much. attentiveness. “to do” no? i know you mentioned baseball – but man that’s fast!

    regrets?!? that i don’t have more money for the therapy my kids will need because of me. 😉

  8. Sarah on said:

    R – a gazillion billion mahalo’s for your helping me figure out how to get pics on my new blog!!!! You deserve this HUGE thanks, because I was starting to think I was going to quit blogging if something blingy couldn’t be done to my new blog. Pictures just add spice! Your kind words filled my heart with gladness – I can’t say thank you enough!
    Your sister in Christ through Mary – Sarah.

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