otium sanctum


holy leisure.

devoting free time to a laudable purpose.

necessary to nurture spiritual interiority.

st. augustine writes about it in his confessions.

as mamas sometimes it is hard to find the time to find any free time. but with this lengthening of days i have found that the best place for me is outside

while i read or tend to the sweet little garden. which they sometimes help me with. they ride their bikes. dig in the dirt. play catch.

we all need free time. away from the schedules and constraints of life.

time to be so un-busy that you actually notice the first yellow swallowtail of the season. which is what we did today.

holy leisure. during this holy season of lent.

yes, friends, God is good.

happy first day of spring!

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7 thoughts on “otium sanctum

  1. As usual, your photos are thought are scrumptious!

    The pics have an oxidized gold quality to them…

  2. Gorgeous … and peaceful … and so true.

    God bless you, Regan.

    And happy spring!

  3. I would love to borrow some un-busy time, if you can spare a little! 😉

  4. The high today in Minnesota was 39 degrees. Freezing outside. However, it was sunny. I had to spend the whole day inside doing laundry and nursing a baby. When it is that cold I do not mind snuggling on the couch with a nursing babe.

    Now tomorrow might be nicer! Just might nurse outside and watch the kids bike.

    Good for you for taking the right pace in life…God’s pace!

  5. annita on said:

    Beautiful! We had a lovely day here in NC! Happy spring to you! JMJ

  6. We cleaned like crazy on Sat morn & early afternoon, then went visiting to the Grandparents & watched a movie in the evening. When the tempets to the mid 40’s, I’ve been bundling baby into the stroller for a walk out to the mailbox … feels so good to get out on a dry patch of road!

  7. Agree completely. It is necessary to make the time!

    I wish I had a green thumb. I really am a very poor excuse for a gardener. I once tried at an old house. We had these horrible stinky flowers by the house and every year you would find me out there trying to pull them up and every year they came back. Sigh.

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