or is it bleh?

either way. that is my week in a nutshell. and when that’s the way it is i do hate to bore you with gory details.

one good thing i am working on is giving my highschooler a living education. i am so glad simply charlotte mason is starting to talk about this issue. ’cause it is very dear to my heart right now. but it isn’t easy.

i don’t write a lot about homeschooling here per se because usually by the end of the day i am so tired and my brain is going in so many different directions that the last thing i want to do is try to put my homeschooling thoughts into words.

besides it’s more fun to talk about sweet things here. like sewing and food.

maybe someday i’ll write it all down.

but until then. bleh. and blah will have to do.

for sanity i am reading the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. i know many of you have read it too. what did you think of it? it reminds me a lot of daddy long legs by jean webster. that was one of my most favoritest books as a girl. i have a beautiful hardcover. albeit tattered old copy that i was giddy to give to my girl when she read it for the first time. my name was written in that fat bubbly young girl writing just inside the front cover.

i am still reading it. so don’t give me too much information. but i hope it is worth my time. i don’t really read a lot for myself. i read stacks of books to the kids but i find that when i do get a book for myself that i love i’d rather not get out of bed in the morning and start school. i could truly sit in bed and just read. and if my ducklings would like to come into my bed and bring their own books. quietly read to themselves. well then that would be just fine with me. in fact i could make a day out of it.

which is almost what i did this morning. because of blah.

but then my husband came by the house for some tool or something he had forgotten and that was the end of that. i had to get up and look busy.

so the moment was gone.

and unfortunately the calendar doesn’t allow for much lounging time between now and next tuesday.

no otium sanctum. 

my flowers will be lucky if they get watered.

hope life is treating you well. and if you feel blah too. i’ll scoot over and make some room in my bed and you can bring a book and come sit by me.

but you have to be still. and quiet.

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7 thoughts on “blah

  1. Ha! Stay quiet and be still … I can do that, Regan!! However, asking the kids to do that (aside from dd) is like asking them to do their least favorite chore. Right now the two middle boys are running around with walkie-talkies. I wonder if they realize the point of walkie talkies is to communicate when you aren’t near each other & you don’t have to yell – cuz then, what’s the point of a walkie talkie??

    I VERY much enjoyed the book and hope you do, too.

    We are taking next week off of school and are going to clean, fix the coop, hopefully craft & bake, and enjoy company. Anyway, I’m not bored by your Blah or your Bleh!

  2. Yes that book is very much worth your time. It was so good and so hard to put down.
    I definitely get the blahs too, I am so wanting May to get here so all our busi-ness will be over and we can just “be”…

  3. I love that when your husband comes home you have to look busy! I do that too. If I’m having a few moments of rest in the afternoon and he comes home for whatever reason, I jump up and find something to do quick.
    I hope you get over your blehs – is it rainy there?
    Think happy Easter thoughts.

  4. Love that book so much I gave a copy away on my old blog as well as copies to folks living near me. 🙂

  5. i really enjoyed that book, too. nice. sweet. no overly post modern moral to be had. i’m going to have to look for a copy of daddy long legs.

  6. I read the book, too, and loved it! Sorry you’re feeling blah or bleh. I feel like that about every other day. I just enjoy the good days and on the bad days I know that another good day will come. 🙂

  7. Oh…I could never be still and quiet…I would jump jump jump and after I give you a big hug and would want to talk talk and talk some more.

    It is the weekend…so throw those blahs out the window and enjoy that beautiful family of yours.

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