exclamation points and moving in fast forward

i just realized that many of these pictures have exclamation points in their captions. perhaps it is my way of trying to put a voice into these snapshots.

snapshots of things that mean so much to me.

a me who seems to be moving in fast forward these days.

nevertheless. a me who still wants to press pause long enough to make sure the camera has charged batteries and enough memory to cram lives overflowing with blessings into snaphots such as these.

i am the memory keeper of this family. and it is a job i take very seriously.

it’s too bad that i am also the chief sock wash-er. easter grass cleaner-up-per. baseball game chauff-er. birthday cake mak-er. movie screen-er and tak-er. because sometimes i feel that i am not doing a very good job at keeping the memories. or even making sure that the socks get washed for that matter.

but as i approach my 34th birthday. i can’t help but ponder my role in the lives of all of these people whose lives are enmeshed with mine.

i read something from the easter meditation in the magnificat, written by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, about being refreshing as spring water to those we meet.

in short we must radiate the Living Water of Christ to a parched world.

i hope you’ll find something of that here.

and just know that it’s all HIM.

for you. and for me.


HE is risen as HE said!

ps. did i mention that the baby is reading?

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8 thoughts on “exclamation points and moving in fast forward

  1. Happy Easter my friend!!

    I quick looked at the last few weeks posts that I’ve missed, Oh, those pictures are so beautiful, you should be a photographer!

  2. annita on said:

    Happy Easter, Regan! As always, beautiful pictures and post!

  3. 🙂 Happy Easter to your family. I know the bittersweet feeling of the baby reading. Hugs.

  4. Sarah on said:

    Again, great pictures and wonderful post. Blessed Easter!
    Fantastic that the baby is reading. 🙂

  5. Happy Easter!! I like exclamation points, too. As always, your pictures convey more than words…

  6. Happy Birthday BABY…congrats on learning to read. You make your mama proud.

    Happy Easter to you Regan.

    Your pictures take my breath away. I imagine you are a perfect mama…making so many cool memories.

    34…..my my..you are a young-pup!

  7. Such beautiful pictures! I use exclamation points a lot too… oh ad elipses.

  8. Happy Easter!
    wow, reading….growing up too fast!
    If I remember correctly, we have birthdays that are close. Mine is Monday, happy birthday on yours!

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