strength with limitations

my father. and probably your father too. is a strong man. capable of doing many things that strong men do.

his hands. a lot like a doctors’. have been used mostly for helping. 

those hands have delivered babies in the back of ambulances. and put out countless fires. they have dragged people out of the terrible wreckage of car crashes and once held a dying man with no legs who had been run over by a train.

but they are also the hands that hold my mother. the hands that help her bring in the groceries. and touch my children’s heads. drawing them close to him. their papa.

his hands used to hold my hair back from my face as i was throwing up. sick from the flu when i was still living at home. my mom worked so sometimes he’d be the one taking care of me. they held my oldest son as soon as he was born.

those hands have always been there.

rough and calloused now only because of all of his outdoor hobbies. he is a hunter. a bow and arrow maker. and outdoorsman like his father was before him.

but i came face to face with the realization today. in that cold. bright. loud hospital that those hands have limitations. that strength has limitations. his life is so fragile and precious.

all life is fragile and precious.

even though we are such broken. fallen people.

however, there is ONE Who has no limitations. ONE Who is PURE strength.

and it is to that ONE that we must entrust every. single. need.

He picks us up. He fixes us and heals us.

whether we are 5 or 55.

and that, friends, is the beauty of having faith in HIM.

faith even when the boat is rocking. and the waves from the storms of life are so high that there seems to be no hope.

so with quiet trust we pray. because we love HIM. and because HE first loved us.

thank you so much for your prayers.

i believe so strongly in the power of intercessory prayer.

as for my dad: he will be staying overnite at the hospital for evaluation and so that he can be given medication intravenously. at this point that will be more effective.

thank you again.

and God bless each and every one of you. and your precious families. 


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8 thoughts on “strength with limitations

  1. Oh Ragan, I am just home from a trip away and catching up on my blog reading. How very beautiful this post is, tears running down my cheeks while reading it. There is so much love expressed here, so touching.

    Please know that I am stepping up extra prayers for your father. This just hits so close to home here for me, as my husband is only one or so years younger than your father and always has trouble breathing so yes, we know how difficult this must be for you and yours. Recently while in Vancouver visiting the rest of our family, unbeknown to all outside of our circle, my hubby had two emergent days of not being able to breath for no reason at all. Life is so precious. These men are so precious. I will be storming heaven for your intention, you can count on me! And I’m also sending hugs your way, God bless you sweetie! ❤

  2. Sarah on said:

    mmmmmm, I so feel your ever present pain and worry, but more over, your FAITH. You are a beautiful daughter! My soul is crying out to Heaven for your daddy. Having been so very recent on a similar road with my own daddy . . . I so know where you are. God love you! I love you! Prayers abound!!!

  3. Ohhh, that was sooo beautiful, I have tears in my eyes. Continued prayers for you and your dad.

    What an interesting life he’s had.

    *Have you seen the prayers “the hands of a bride and groom”? We had them said at our wedding.

  4. annita on said:

    That was beautiful! Peace and prayers.

  5. Know that I am praying for you and your dad. God bless.

  6. Oh, Reagan, I will be praying for your daddy!

  7. Continued prayers for your dad …

  8. Carol on said:

    Incredibly beautiful post. Such a young dad. He’s equally blessed to have you as you are to have him. All my love and prayers for him (and your whole family).

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