breathing easier

breathing easier simply because he is.

my father that is.

unfortunately, he is still in the hospital, but all in all he is doing better.

probably because of our visit to his tiny. claustrophobic. artificially lit room.

we bombarded him with homemade cards and garden flowers in baby food jars.

that is enough to make anyone feel better. wouldn’t you agree?

on the subject of breathing easier, one of the things i needed to accomplish this week, to breathe a little easier myself, was spring cleaning each of the kids’ rooms.


i don’t know who is worse. boys or girls.

on one hand there is my daughter-the someday-project runway-designing genius/ possible candidate for an episode of hoarders/who insists there is value to every scrap of paper. polly pocket shoe. and bottle of nailpolish.

then there is the teenager who decided to bring home a ratty weight set. with a tattered seat and rusty dumbbells. and place it smack in his bedroom. it now keeps company with stacks of xbox games. cords. and a trash can piled with junk food.

and last. but certainly not least are the tween and the baby. equally sloppy and messy. each one blaming the other for the state of disaster and havoc in their room. on the up side to all this: i found a whole slew of missing socks belonging to various family members and the secret hiding place of all the easter candy which had just “disappeared”. sadly reduced to piles of empty wrappers.

so. maybe i’m not breathing easier.

i could’ve used all that chocolate.

and i could use a little boredom.

i thought lent was over.

i so wanted some time to finish the picnic quilt and that book i’ve been reading forever and a day.

time to catch up on the 7 episodes of LOST i am behind on and bake the chocolate biscotti from that recipe i’ve been saving.


no. the good daughter realizes that the cross is never far away.

embrace it. kiss it. and have a good cup of tea.

if you can. and if you can’t. then ask for the grace to.

but never fear the work that each day brings.

so i say to myself as i sit here in need of a warm shower…

and possibly a whole. bottle of wine.

yes, spring cleaning and breathing easier is taking its’ toll on this mama.

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10 thoughts on “breathing easier

  1. Oh, boy. You said it all and more. I had a day — one I didn’t even think I could put into words, but you did. I love you! 😉

    PS Your dad (and you) has a bead on my rosary until he is well and I prayed for him today.

  2. Glad to hear your dad is doing better today.

    Yes, the candy wrapper remnants. Under the bed, behind the dresser, under the rubbermaid tub in the closet, between my sofa cushions, and never in the garbage. I’ll sip right along with you …

  3. I am glad to hear your dad is doing a little better … Will continue to pray …

    Well, at least you can be sure your kids are normal. Those candy wrappers are all over my house, too. And when I asked the girls to pick up their room today, they missed under both beds. There was all this “junk” under there, and I just cleaned under those beds on Wednesday. Ugh. I have one of those “hoarders,” too. I love her to pieces, but she sure has a lot of silly treasures.

    I raise my glass to you this evening, Regan. God bless your weekend.

  4. Yes, I can tell God loves you when you beg for a bit of “boredom”, smile, and I’m tinging a glass to you and keeping your father as an intention in our family prayers too. Feel free to get out and buy chocolate for tomorrow if those symptoms persist okay, so pleased with the update, thanks so much. As for the baby jars with flowers, ever cute! Such a loving daughter is right. God bless you and yours

  5. Sarah on said:

    My tots just leave the candy wrappers right next to the goody container. Sheesh.
    Love you girl. Hang in there. Praying for your daddy.

  6. notjustlaura on said:

    Will be thinking of yo.

  7. My kids just put the wrappers back in the candy bowl…total bummer when you think there is something good in there…and it’s just trash…

    Glad your daddy is doing better! I bet it was the flowers ; )

  8. “project runway genious/possible candidate for hoarders” LOL! ROFLOL!

    and, glad your dad is feeling better.

  9. Thinking of your pops also. Dads are cool and totally “not cool” when they get sick.
    Hope he is up and about soon.

    I am going to post soon about hoarding. I am thinking I will be on that show soon!!!!

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