a title-less post

i am forcing myself to notice yellow today. because it is my favorite color. besides red. and because i am trying not to notice all of the messes in almost every room in the house.

what is it about a serious cleaning that makes messes grow. i feel like things are following me from one room to another and nothing is getting put where it belongs or in the TRASH for that matter.

i think there are people secretly trying to sabotage my mission.

it was a rainy monday yesterday and i was desperately seeking sunshine. but it wasn’t to be found in its’ usual form until the afternoon.

it was, however, abundant in the form of things and people. especially little people. dancing around the kitchen. whistling. and making messes masterpieces with legos.

i am always in awe of how little children are unaffected by things that make us blue.

they will dance in a dirty kitchen. and whistle while there are piles of dirty laundry needing to be sorted.

you didn’t think we were doing school today. or this whole week for that matter did you?

yes, spring break is supposed to be over. but i think we’ll be needing at least a week to recover from that vacation . which was really nothing but a bundle of stress and worry for me. there is nothing quite like a family crisis to throw everything out of whack.

on a lighter note a birthday package arrived from my aunt yesterday. it was filled with some things for me and the baby. biscotti. see’s candy truffles. spending money. beaded embellishments. ric rac. and two boxes of long grain rice. a rather random assortment, wouldn’t you say? she is so funny. i just love her packages. one never can tell what she’ll send!

i think i’ll end this profound post by asking if you think there should be a statute of limitations on crimes of fashion for children who hoard and wear belly shirts and halloween socks in the spring (the offender is 6). i have been trying to figure out what the punishment for this offense, as well as punishment for the girl -who on the opposite extreme of the boys- has been hiding halloween candy in her room. still in the bag. since october.

i should probably just let it go. i know. what’s the use.

just know mothers. that most children. when they say they’ve “cleaned their room”. they really haven’t. and if you trust them the joke’s on you.

happy tuesday, friends!

i’ll try to write a birthday post on wednesday about how exciting it has been to bleach the sinks!

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9 thoughts on “a title-less post

  1. It’s probably bad to be happy that others have the same cleaning challenges that I have, but it gives me a little joy to know I’m not alone. It doesn’t make my house any cleaner, though. Your messy house sounds so much more elegant than mine, though.

  2. I never have time to catch up with the mess. Most of the time I can overlook it, but now and then it really gets to me. And then there are things like my gross carpets and upholstery…ugh!

    Do you buy that chocolate by the case?

  3. annita on said:

    Regan, not only do I enjoy your pictures, but you also have an interesting and enjoyable way of writing!!! Happy Tuesday!

  4. its your birthday?

    you don’t need a title when you have chocolate.

    there are – umn…beings? trolls? fairies? all of the above? – sabotaging your mission. in my house, most of them are under 5 feet tall. in your house, by all appearances you have a few that are mostly taller.

    punishment for hoarders: watch the show. or clean house. maybe cruel, but affective. don’t ask me how i know.

  5. The joke is definitely on me! Yesterday I had reason to go through oldest ds’s room. I found lots … spoons, pop cans (NO! permission was not given for pop!), wrappers, yogurt tops, & other things that were not where they were supposed to be.

    Thankfully, when my mom was visiting before Easter, she & dd thoroughly cleaned that bedroom. 3 bags of trash! How does it accumulate??

    Have fun with your treats & have a great birthday! How fun to get packages in the mail. The yellow in your pics is beautiful – thank goodness it’s sunny here today!

  6. Love all your yellow. We had friends visit from Washington last week, and they brought my yellow tulips. A bit of Heaven. I love yellow and red, too!

    So, is it your birthday today?! I know it’s sometime soon, especially after reading about your very fun package. So, happy birthday, Regan! If I don’t have the exact date right, I will wish it again for you on the right one. May God bless you with joy today, and fill your entire year with blessings and peace.

    P.S. Did you ever “figure out” what Kind Conversation is? If not, I can fill you in. I joined … But I haven’t gotten that into it, yet. (There just hasn’t been enough time =)

  7. Sending you lots of “yellow” love, hugs and NO MESSES on your birthday.

    Halloween candy? Long gone around here. We love candy.

    Messes? Too messy in this house. Need to go clean!

  8. Happy and blessed birthday to a beautiful, funny, bright, and clever girl! Forever young!!! You always bring some sun my way! God bless you!!

  9. I just gasped when I saw that pile of sheets. As a child I had those sheets with the yellow (are they irises) and yellow dots-the ones in the bottom right corner of the photo. I just had my mom ransack her house looking for them for me, but I guess she gave them away.
    I have an aunt who sends me the same sorts of packages. I love it!

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