exchanging nice-eties

thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes! i really wish i had the time to write an individual note to every person that wished me well yesterday. just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

it was a lovely day. the weather. the company. the homemade cards. birthday poem. and the two cakes. yes, there were two cakes. it’s as if the ones i love are trying to make me fatt-er. God bless them.

someone taught the baby to ride his bike sans training wheels yesterday. there should be rules against this sort of thing on mama’s birthday. i didn’t need to have a piece of my heart torn out.

“i am kind of a big boy now,” he told me. rubbing salt in the wound.

i realize that this same someone is just picking up where the biggest brother left off with him. this is something siblings do. helping each other to grow up. a concept completely foreign to me. the only child. the helping part. not the growing up.

i am, after all, a grown up now.

changing the subject a bit: my first japanese iris bloomed. how tall and graceful she is.

this is blooming too. i thought it was a hollyhock at first. but now i am not so sure. i would like to know though. i like to be on a first name basis with all of the members of my garden.

i’d like to know that gopher’s name too so i can yell at him to go bother someone else!

well, i’ll leave this space now. wishing you all blooming flowers. soft yarn. sticky baby kisses and cake. and any and all other nice-eties that your heart desires. it is still easter people. hooray!

but i have to get back to my spring cleaning.

except i never got to bleaching those sinks.

not yet anyway.

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10 thoughts on “exchanging nice-eties

  1. O, I am late! But the sentiments are timeless…I send you my love and prayers for a blessed year and wish you the happiest of birthdays!

  2. I missed your day. Happy, happy Birthday. You get to celebrate all week! I wish I could bake you a cake today. Tiramisu Cake it would be. Yum.

  3. Oh, but that is a yummy looking cake!

    I’ve seen that flower before, but do not know the name…

    I have successfully conviced my husband that the 3yo (almost 4) can ride the trike for another season. He’s only riding on gravel, he needs more practice, he’s so cute in his red rubber boots on the radio flyer trike, we don’t need to store another bike … yet!

    Just love seeing the garden gloves and flower packs … only another month …

  4. Yikes! How could I miss your special day, dear lady? A very happy belated birthday! I must have been so infatuated with the photo of the Scharfen Berger Chocolate that I failed to read your post carefully.

    I like the yummy cake photo. I like the yummy yarn even more! What are your plans for it?

  5. Gosh, I skip a day on the computer (not by choice) and I miss your birthday!!!!!!!

    You get extra prayers today!
    SO glad I’ve met you through this wonderful world we have here!

    God bless, Happy late birthday!

  6. annita on said:

    Happy B-day, Regan… your blog is a beautiful place to visit! I always leave smiling! 🙂

  7. that cake looks so yummy! did you have to bake it? that yarn looks so yummy! whatcha knittin? kids, these days! growing up!

  8. Looks like one of your cakes had fruit at least! Healthy, right? Happy Birthday –
    Your flower might be a hellebore (also called Lenten Rose). I don’t have any myself, but have seen them in catalogs – just not that close up. They look nice, but I think they are poisonous if eaten. Part of the reason I don’t have one – too many little eaters!

  9. quick answer to your question…yup I did tweek the pictures so the color is more vibrant. Fun to play with pics.

    Two cakes…you lucky mama. Eat and enjoy.

    A little boy growing up and zooming. They do grow so fast. It just takes a couple of years. Embrace each day.

  10. Happy birthday (belated!) That cake looks super yummy and so does the yarn.

    Give that baby of your’s some extra squeezes, maybe that will help him to not grow up too fast : )

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