if you want something done right

too bad.

that about sums up my morning.

and with that attitude i feel like i am sort of telling Our Lord: i will walk the way of the Cross with You. but can i just put my comfortable-est shoes on first? and i don’t want to break into a sweat. and oh, can we stop for a drink of purified water?

my whiny list of demands could go on and on.

but instead i will to stop there.

and in a new breath. with that same free will.

i will instead ask for the grace to be thankful.

 for soap and water. because it cleans up a myriad of messes.

and for Confession and Holy Communion. The two Things which are the toughest on grime.

the grime that is me.

you see it is so tempting. as an adult. to look at the spills and messes of others and think yourself above it all.

but thankfully. at least this morning. the beam in my eye. is so obstructing my view from on high. that instead i am trying to use the frustration towards a greater good.

after all: there is nothing quite like a good spill to get one down on the old knees to pray……

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5 thoughts on “if you want something done right

  1. Amen. You said it all.

    I do hope your day gets better. And mine will be better because of you.

  2. Amen! VERY. well. said.

    I hope your day is improving … And I will remember this when that frustration builds within myself, as it all too often does.

  3. why did you have to post this today? i was really reveling in my grumblings about this that and the other thing…

  4. Ah, yes. It’s so good to stay little so that we remember Who reigns. Well said.

  5. I should have had this to read earlier this morning. Thank goodness we have the ‘soap and water’ of confession & communion.

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