dirty laundry

i hope someday my kids won’t hate me for airing their dirty laundry here. i really try to respect their privacy and only put into print what i think might be of help to someone.

unfortunately dirty laundry is real. raw. and smelly. but underneath it all it can be something very beautiful. if the focus remains on glorifying GOD. keeping the faith.  fighting the good fight to raise saints. and even fighting to become saints ourselves.

i can’t help but wonder what st. monica would’ve written about little augustine….

in all fairness i have to say that when asked. my big sonny boy said he felt stupid after the smoking incident. and he didn’t like feeling stupid. now whether he just told me what i wanted to hear. only time will tell.

trying to keep my sense of humor i mentioned that he seriously needed to be careful about further damaging brain cells that don’t work all that well yet anyway…

food for thought:

“…i found myself most consciously and tangibly in the presence of God. i saw my life to date laid out before me, seeing it as though i were reviewing it in the presence of God after death. i saw everything i would regret. i also knew, from one instant to the next, that the meaning and purpose of my life was to love and serve my Lord and my God; i saw how His love enveloped and sustained me every moment of my existence; i saw how everything i did had a moral content, for good or for ill, and which mattered far more than i would ever know; i saw how everything that had ever happened in my life was the most perfect thing that could be arranged for my own good by an all-Good, all-Loving God, especially those things that caused me the most suffering at the time; i saw that my two greatest regrets at the moment of death would be all of the time and energy i had wasted worrying…..when every moment of my existence i was held in the sea of God’s unimaginable great love, and every hour i had wasted not doing anything of value in the eyes of God.” ~roy schoeman chosen

yes, i crawled out bed to “feed” you that little tidbit. because there is really nothing quite like witnessing the fall of another to examine oneself a little closer.

i am forever humbled by my children. learning from them. in all of these unexpected bumps and spills.

it’s not something i want them to know yet.

that the head laundress has loads of her own dirty laundry, well, that will be between you and me.

i have a reputation to maintain ya know.

so toodles.

i am off to quietly return to my bed. where my very tired love snores loudly-somehow lulling the baby to sleep. yes, tangled in a mess of quilts and comforters. the baby sleeps. with us.

uh-oh. would that count as more dirty laundry…????

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5 thoughts on “dirty laundry

  1. I LOVE that you are able to share, Regan, and I like your perspective on dirty laundry. Maybe if I told ds I’d write about my ‘whole’ day, it would serve as a little prompt to listen to the well-formed half of his consciousness. Ha!

    Part of my not being able to write (yet) is that I’m not ready to write about my ugliness. My life experiences are so intertwined that I feel I have to ask permission and ‘get it’ before writing … not talking kids, here.

    Anyway, the witness of your reliance on prayer/rosary is a source of strength for me. You are still here, you are still writing, and you haven’t lost your sense of beauty and humor. BTW, we have two littles in bed with us by morning most days. These days will go fast; let’s enjoy while we can!

  2. Chrisitne on said:

    That baby is so lucky to have a ma and pa to snuggle with. All my babies slept with ma and pa for a long time. Usually there was another baby on the way to kick them out.

    We are here for you and will listen and pray and love you no matter how greasy and grimy life gets.

    I have plenty of it also. I should focus on my own dirty laundry instead I tend to look at others. Wanna talk about my MIL????? hee hee

  3. Sarah Oldham on said:

    If anything you are so encouraging to me! I think I air a bit more than I should at times, too, but I don’t want to blog saccharin sweet all the bloody time. It’s not that that kind is boring, but it’s not real enough to me. With the good we also have some troubles. And, I know that y’all are praying for me/us out of the goodness of your hearts . . . so I do the same in return. You are a breath of fresh air to me, sistah! God loves you and so do I!! Loads of love and prayers from the land of Aloha!

  4. st. monica would have loads of laundry to write about. i’m sure. isn’t laundry the never ending job? if we didn’t air the laundry, it wouldn’t have that nice crisp clean smell the next time. isn’t life nice like that? beauty = pain = beauty.

  5. You are such a beautiful mom, Regan! That is why your son was honest with you. He may be searching for his own way, but he also has a very solid foundation … and he knows the truth! And that makes him further along in this life than many teens, especially in these times that we live in.

    I know your blog is just a fraction of your life, but I think you do beautifully to share mostly the good things in your life, but you also are so real and honest about the painful and difficult things. You do it in a discreet way (and with the eyes of Faith), but yet we totally get where you are coming from. That takes a great deal of prudence and perspective, and I admire that about you.

    Hang in there! Sending prayers your way!

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