05 may 2010. lovely day. good food. cool breeze. sangria. lunch guests. crafts. little girls making homemade tortillas. a little bit of knitting with a friend on my comfy-slipcover-less sofa. playing tennis inside the house with laughing children. praying the litany of the Blessed Virgin with those same children before bed. all lined up. youngest to oldest on the church pew in my living room. the soft glow of the dim light making their beautiful. clean faces shine.

all those sweet memories and no pictures to share. there was never a “moment” to go and get the camera.

some moments just can’t be captured.

and so hopefully those few words will be all that i need. in the days and years ahead. to recall the beauty that was today.

somehow i titled this post shallow. because i thought i was going to ramble on about shallow. senseless things. like how i am catching up on LOST. and how i was so upset when the locke-ness monster pushed desmond into that well. i’ve always liked desmond. brother. and …just in case you are watching this season of american idol, who you think is going to win? and did you think that the disturbing lady gaga’s performance look like something out of the lower depths of hell? and what about harry connick jr.’s beautiful blue eyes ….even if he didn’t sing very well tonite.

but i think i’ll stop.

not trying to be holier than thou or anything.

i just feel a strange peace tonite.

and for some reason i don’t need to hear myself speak.

for once….

maybe i’m not so shallow as i thought…

sometimes i just wanna talk about cool stuff too. i try to be a little cool for my kids’ sake. they already think i act too much like a granny. knitting while telling them whose behaviour is going to land them in hell if they don’t straighten up and fly right. 

so i’ll leave you with that image of me. a bible-thumping. crazed. shallow. granny. with blonde-highlights…..

somebody. stop. me. please.

i rambled anyway.

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7 thoughts on “shallow

  1. You’re not shallow. Shallow people do not recognize their shallowness. You are deep enough to feel a little embarrassment at some slightly shallow pastimes. But we all need a break from being profound!

  2. I think that the title of your blog says it well–as long as everything is in its place:) We don’t even have a television, but we still watch LOST online(and are completely caught up as of last night;)). I do, though, consider it an “indulgence” as it seems you do too! I think that if you read St. Francis de Sales (my favorite) he speaks of going to balls and plays, the potential dangers, but allowing for them as long as we are careful not to take “excessive” delight in them. If your blog is an accurate indication, I’d say you have these worldly delights in their proper place:)

  3. Nadja said it well.

    I hope to be a cool (ie. bible-thumping) knitting grandma in a rocking chair on my porch. I think the blonde highlights to cover the grey are not as far away as the knitting!

  4. You are not shallow!
    I was mad about Desomd too and then really worried he was a bad guy. But I think I know now who he is.
    So do you think the island is Purgartory? I used to think so, lol. Who knows now. Or maybe that is just Bible-thumping me trying to make everything MEAN something! 🙂

  5. Sarah Oldham on said:

    I have to watch LOST from the very first season (again) ‘cos life (Scouts and no DVR) kept us from keeping up since season 4. Ugh. I think rather than go through the hassle of NetFlix, I may buy the whole series so I can really take my time (‘cos even though Netflix is reasonably priced, I’d lose money on it that way).

    So . . . . if I could knit, I’d join ya!

  6. Chrisitne on said:

    Tennis inside the HOUSE…no way! You are the best mama. Can I come play too. …maybe I will have to go back and re-read it. Is it real tennis or table tennis. Either one ….sounds like fun.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to one of the best mamas out there.

  7. regina on said:

    i dont watch lost but i do watch idol and that is why i love dvr. FF that wacky gaga lady. she is one odd bird! some of her songs are ok but watching her perform, no thanks.
    i think either lee or crystal will win (duh), think i am going for lee but dont really care this year. all kind of boring

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