the blues

these are the best kind of blues.

the hues of my life right now.

a life lived “simply, bravely and joyously beneath the gaze of God and for HIM….”

there’s so much i want to write about. but that is the lot of a wanna-be writer. there is always something to write about. but the realities of motherhood don’t always allow for it.

the realities of : trying to re-write the rule. for this particular season of our life. utilizing an organized homekeeping notebook.  forcing myself to weed out many nasty. bad. habits. especially going to bed and getting up earlier in order to make it to daily mass on time. something i’ve been feeling called to do. something i’ve always wanted to do and something i finally have the opportunity to do.

there is nothing this side of heaven quite like that time spent with Our Lord in the early morning.

and then i get back here.

to the never-ending crumbs. laundry. dishes. and schoolwork.

and then life seems a bit like a bad case of groundhog day.

“didn’t i just wash those?” i ask myself for the umpteenth time.

and then there is the soreness and tiredness from exercising.

when does that stop?

maybe it doesn’t.

maybe i’m just getting old.

it really is true that the more things change. the more they stay the same.

at least in my little. blue. corner of the world.

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3 thoughts on “the blues

  1. i need to find a picture of the madonna of the kitchen for you…

  2. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Ah, Christine would definitely be getting you something blessed if she can find one for you! I have a wall hanging of the Kitchen Madonna. She hangs by my sink, on one side of the window.

    Love the blues in your pictures. You take great perspective shots! I keep repeating myself, but it’s true: you are a good photographer!

    Hawaiian hugs to you.

  3. Chrisitne on said:

    Hello Regan…no time to be blue!!! it is the weekend!!!

    Hope you have a good one and whatever joy comes your way.

    Your favorite color is yellow so I am hoping for lots of sun for you!

    ps…we finally have a sunny day here in MN after a week and 1/2 of yucko weather.

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