facing it

the “lense”. at 34.

the elizabeth taylor way.

with fog. and touch up effects. hiding my tummy behind my innocent daughter.

so why am i posting this? when there are 2 missing children?

because this is as good as it got for mother’s day 2010.

(i am positive the other 2 were feasting on doughnuts somewhere nearby).

and because i just wanted to say “hi”…..

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14 thoughts on “facing it

  1. Beautiful! Kids are great for that tummy hiding bit aren’t they? 😀

  2. annita on said:

    You are beautiful! So are your children. Peace!

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. How beautiful! I second what Deborah said about children hiding the belly – they created the belly, so they should be responsible for hiding it. 😉

  5. Sarah Oldham on said:

    You are a very beautiful, pretty, gorgeous woman. God has been very kind to you, dear. 😉 Kids hiding the front is a good idea. I never thought to do that . . . I have always been nearly blue in the face trying to suck it all in. Geesh!

    Your kids are sweet!

    Many aloha’s and love to you!

  6. Beautiful you. Beautiful children.

    And it is so nice to “see” you =)

    I hope you had a lovely weekend!


    Sorry to shout…it’s just gorgeous…and so are you, sweetheart!

  8. It is indeed wonderful to see you and a couple of your kids! I’ve been trying to piece together a complete picture of you from sides and wisps … So, there is more than one talented photographer in your family?? This picture, if it were mine, would definitely be headed for a frame in my home. Handsome and beautiful.

  9. wow, you are truly beautiful (even though you don’t think so) It’s so nice to actually see you, after so long of just little pieces of you.

    What a wonderful photo, yes, a picture for framing for sure! Your kiddos are gorgeous!!!

  10. Chrisitne on said:

    HELLO REGAN!!! Look at your daughter’s smile. One happy kiddo!

    Look at your son…he has your nose! And great lips! Maybe dads???

    Look at YOU…my my you are one sweet looking mama.

    And tell your other kiddos to send some doughnuts this way…..we LOVE doughnuts. Only the really big expensive kind. Because if ya gonna eat’em they betta be good!

    ta ta

  11. Such a beautiful picture. As for hiding behind our innocent daughters, I do it too!

  12. regina on said:

    great picture, though i was confused at first by the fingernails, then i realized there is someone to your left who has long fingernails but is cropped out of the picture (i should be a p.i., huh?)

  13. Beautiful!

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