many happy returns

is such a cheery thing to say, wouldn’t you agree?

and i always love it when pooh and piglet say it.

i thought i’d greet you that way since i have been such a bad blogger lately.

there is just so much to do when things and people are disordered. disheveled. and discombobulated.

those three words might very well mean the same thing.

but i must say disheveled is my favorite as of now.

disheveled as in that one applies to me.

my husband came home early from work today to find me in bed knitting a pretty moss colored green shawl. my words not his.

mind you i am not sick any more. i just don’t. want. to. face. it.

the housework.

i know i promised i’d be better about this….the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

i won’t even go into detail as to what my breakfast was…and for the record it was NOT mint ice cream out of the carton!

anyhow, i did wholeheartedly ask for the grace to AMEND MY LIFE tonite as i said my examen. it’s the best i can do. keep asking.

as a side note i don’t even want to talk about LOST. there are no words. i feel empty and betrayed. and besides i am too disheveled to care about a dumb t.v. show that i wasted invested years of my life on.

now where are the happy returns you say? probably in the freezer with my carton of icecream!

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3 thoughts on “many happy returns

  1. Time wasted on tv is time wasted indeed. I guess that’s a life lesson learned with age — thank God I’ve learned it!

    My children are wearing me out too — I threatened to leave home the other day and it was a half real threat! Divide and conquer — and send them out to weed (or you go out and weed and leave them indoors).

  2. Chrisitne on said:

    Well that is interesting. Lots of people liked Lost. First time I have read about somebody who didn’t.

    I didn’t watch it.

    It took all day but i made it to the store and got some food..

    I have a whole house to clean too.

    BUT…I have a new book to read…hee hee!

  3. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Well, if it makes you feel any better: I haven’t been doing much around my place either. I shower, get the kids off to school, and curl up with my books and some cross stitching. My goal today? Back stitch the hibiscus I’m sending to Margaret of MN. There’s a pretty floral stitchery in the pile for you, too, but I’m not saying which one or WHEN. If I say when, I will definitely be apologizing for not being on time. The when will be a surprise. 😉

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