always june

roses and cool weather.

yet just warm enough to get wet.

salads-with this yummy dressing- eaten outdoors by candlelight.

sleeping with the windows open at night.

oh, yes. wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world that was “always june”.” ~l.m. montgomery.

but then again if it was always june my birthday girl would be constantly growing older. and that i cannot have. a year older. each year. is sufficient for me.

a relapse of this nasty flu still has me out of sorts. i spent memorial day in bed most of the day. monday marked a full 14 days of being sick and i’m done. Lord, give me another cross, please. a light one.

i am almost finished with those pillows for the couch. the slipcover part is finished but i couldn’t seem to get a really good shot. there was that darn scratched coffee table. then it was stacks of books and a toy basket. a pesky boy model who kept wanting me to take his picture. and then those daisies from my grandmother’s garden-they wanted to be in on the whole thing too. so this is as good as it gets.

i feel myself slipping out of this virtual world more and more. the pull to serve two masters is awful and i often feel as if i am being torn in two. the happenings on this great big web. the ideas. the people. the thoughts and ideas are so alluring. yet so many things are happening here that need my immediate attention. the struggle to balance time online is ever so elusive to me. i go away. i come back. i go away again. yet i ache for the escape….it’s ok to want to escape now and again, isn’t it? even if it’s only upstairs. to a quiet screen with a blinking cursor. and pictures of happy people lives and beautifully laid out. finished projects.

the biggest boy has been accepted into a junior fire academy program. i have been steering him towards this career. albeit gently. because i so want stability for him. and for his future family.

God is good as this prayer. at least for now. has been answered.

as a homeschooling mama, career paths/decisions are heavy on the heart. you want them to succeed. not just for their sake. but sort of selfishly because you have educated them yourself. if he (they) succeed, you have succeeded. if they fail, you have failed.

yet deep down. in that humble spot. you know it is really ONLY by the grace of God that one succeeds in life. because sometimes even our biggest failures are allowed to happen for a greater good.

a greater good that we just cannot see in this life.

so, happy june, friends!

and have a blessed week.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us….

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7 thoughts on “always june

  1. I can’t believe it’s already June. Where in the world did MAY go??

    Thank goodness for failures (and forgiveness)! I believe my own have taught me quite a bit … even if I repeat them in my attempt to improve.

    Summer and real life should pull us from the computer. If you were to stop, I’d miss you and the joy you show in your pictures, but I would also understand.

    Congrats to your son! And, the sofa/cushions look so comfy. I can see why your younger boy wants to lounge.

  2. is that bacon i see?

  3. Chrisitne on said:

    OH..MAN…sorry to hear you are still sick. GET BETTER SOON! Before you miss the month of JUNE!!

    I have really left the choice of my kids vocation up to them. They are still so young. My oldest is going to be taking classes geared towards what he likes.

    I think you have to like what you do. You have to get up every day and face that vocation!

    I beam when my 9yr old daughter wants to be a mom and have a zillion kids. Beautiful.

    I am more concerned about who they marry…if they chose that vocation then anything.

  4. Chrisitne on said:

    ps…i need this outlet too (blogging)…I have no time but I love to meet people like you.

  5. Your slipcovers, “scratched” coffee table and pretty daisies look sooooo homey and cozy!

  6. your slipcover is very cute…and I like the scratched coffee table, gives it character

    I feel the same way about slipping away from online time. Life is so full and picking up the computer just hasn’t fit in lately. My poor blog is so neglected…

    I also feel the same way about the success of my children, how it reflects on our good or bad job of parenting and homeschooling. But really we won’t know for sure if we were a success or not until we face Our Lord. Heaven is what I desire most for my children, and I pray that they will see the face of God and so I have to just try my best and pray for them as hard as I can.

  7. regina on said:

    i wish it would FEEL like june already up here. still too cold (though i prefer cold to hot, but not midwest cold)
    love the pictures, as usual.
    happy birthday to your girl. mine (the oldest–not regan) turns a whopping ten in 21 more days. ::sniff::sniff::

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