oh, yes…

summer days are some of the best days.

fresh veggies from the csa. i’ve never eaten more greens in my life.

really, is there anything more fun than blowing bubbles with bare feet? whether you are 6 or 60 i think not.

girl “friends” visit and barbie fashion shows. judging these types of things is so hard for us mamas.

Sacred Heart atc’s abound. and i am so pleased to feature them on our june altar. which has such a sweet. red. glow in the evening.

life is good. because GOD is good.

happy thursday friends!

i leave you with a blessing for you and yours from me and mine:

Sacred Heart Blessing

May the Grace and Blessing of My Sacred Heart be with you

May the Peace of My Sacred Heart encompass you

The Merits of My Sacred Heart plead for you

The Love of My Sacred Heart inflame you

The Sorrows of My Sacred Heart console you

The Zeal of My Sacred Heart animate you

The Virtues of My Sacred Heart shine forth in your every word and work

And may the Joys of the Beatific Vision be your Recompense in Eternity.


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5 thoughts on “oh, yes…

  1. How June-y! I love the summery images. And your June altar is gorgeous. Thank you for the blessing. May His Sacred Heart bless you, dear Regan, forever more.

  2. Color!
    Love the baby with the bubbles–he was cute with curls, but he is becoming a gorgeous “big boy” now.

    Happy summer to you, too!

  3. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Awwww, May His love abound in you and yours and encompass you with His love always. Amen.

  4. annita on said:

    Regan, you really should be a professional photographer! They were all great… I really liked the one with the bubbles AND the one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the reflection of the candle showing in the picture of our Lord. Awesome! +JMJ+

  5. i was just thinking of the blank ATCs around here and was contemplating pulling them out. i really need to get better and incorporating our faith into the everyday…

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