my good-ness

there is so much good-ness.

the jr. firefighter and all of his gear. the pride he takes in standing tall and training hard.

bye-bye baseball. hello free time.

n’er a  dull moment when all of the food looks so vibrant!

afternoon papercrafts.

shadows. and bringing the garden-y goodness inside.

a new tin of tea.

and my 3rd pair of these shoes. for $9 on clearance at target.

of course this is only a fraction of my goodness.

my girl turns 11 today. and that God has given her to me for these past eleven years is good-ness. bittersweet goodness though. 11 is big. and though we haven’t grand plans for this year. a series of calm. quiet celebrations will suffice. or so she says.

this will be the year that i attempt those petite fours. and add “eat me” tags per her request. pictures to follow. only if they turn out prettily.

i recently ventured, very briefly, into the working world. doing flowers for a sort of big fat greek wedding. no i am not a professional florist. so why would someone hire me. a completely untrained flower person. that still remains a mystery to me. and the fact that i pulled it off with hardly any “glitches”….is yet another mystery. and an attestation to the power of prayer!

happy wednesday, friends.

i know wednesdays are usually wordless. but really, i am bursting at the seams…

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10 thoughts on “my good-ness

  1. A happy, happy birthday to your girl!

    Good luck with the petite fours–if they come out well, I know another 11 year-old girl who will be begging for them!

  2. I want to see those petite-fours even if you don’t think they are pretty. Bet they will be! Happy Birthday pretty girl!

  3. cute shoes. i knew i should have stopped at target yesterday.

    free time is a few weeks away for us

    come on. show us the petite-elevens. no matter how pretty they are. they’re lot of work! show them off.

    a birthday? Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. Hope she has a beautiful day. It is hard seeing an only daughter celebrate another year … glorious, but hard.

    Seriously, your pictures make me feel like I’m on a retreat. Peace, peace, peace.

    I know those petite-fours will turn out cute … just have to look at the paper crafts to know that!

  5. God bless your sweet girl. Those guacamole pictures have me salivating too early in the morning. 😉

    Would love to see your flower arrangements!

  6. It is fun to see pics of your kids in action, doing the things they *love.* Cute paper crafts (I need to get more of this stuff for my girls). Yummy-looking tea (my hubby’s fave ~ Awake). And adorable shoes (gotta love Target =). I was cheered up by the new look of your blog, too. Pretty blue! Oh, and last, but certainly not least, happy 11th birthday to your sweet daughter! May our Blessed Mother cover her with Her mantle of protection all the days of her precious life!

  7. love your new background!
    happy birthday to your little girl (she is still little despite being 11…no matter what she tells you!) and I totally hear you on the hello free time. It feels great having such an empty calendar.
    new shoes are good for the soul ; )

  8. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Hau’oli La Hanau! (how-oh-lee Lah hah-now-oo) to your darling daughter!! And, many many many more!

    Love it when you burst at the seams with things to write! You are always such a grand delight!

  9. Just got back from vacation!!

    Happy Birthday and many blessings to your sweet girlie!
    Beautiful hair by the way!

    (I saw a different post on Google reader but came here and it was not here, but I liked the way you showed her growing up, counting her age, no 11 is not too old, she’s still young and sweet and so innocent)

  10. regina on said:

    digging the new look, though it has been a while since i blog-surfed (blurfed??) that it might not be so new anymore.
    happy birthday to your daughter (guessing sophia based on the jersey).
    great pictures as usual.

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