the petit fours are a reality.

and they really aren’t difficult.

they are sweet. and oh-so-pretty.

cake recipe here.

yes, i am only showing these two because don’t you know i am decorating them in between loads of laundry?

the loads of laundry that are spilling out of my laundry room into the dining room…

this is temporarily a mad house and in order for me to be even slightly sane i am taking lots of deep breaths and ignoring many. many things.

after a recent good read: i totally agree with the author!

life is too short to fold fitted sheets!

now while i do not normally condone profanity and i don’t agree with everything written…i had more than one aha! moment while reading this book. ( i just taught my daughter to fold fitted sheets not two weeks ago. but that is totally beside the point.) 

but if you have read this book or do so in the future. please share your laughter with me about that completely hilarious thing said about the author’s idol on the very first page. i won’t repeat it. but every time i think about it i laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.

and finally.

what do i want to remember on this almost last evening of june?

 that there have been swallowtails flying madly around my neighborhood. we see them constantly. and it takes so much restraint not to just drop everything and run outside to chase them.

that the littles and i watched toy story 3 today and we liked it. a very sad coming of age theme made me think of the bigger boys.

that middle son is sort of just ho-hum right now. no great. big. plans or dreams. he worries me a bit. he is so sensitive and quiet. lost in being almost thirteen. what a confusing age that can be…

that the littlest boy has his first loose tooth. and it is affecting the way he talks. very animated anyway, you should see the way that thing is forced to wiggle and writhe with every word that comes out of his mouth.

that the biggest boy completed his jr. firefighter program. received a certificate and is now volunteering at the local fire station for 3 hours once a week. 

that i am not feeling summer quite yet. and i guess it’s because we haven’t found our summer rhythm. but maybe we won’t and i need to accept it. and get over it.

that this week is bubbling over with things. busy things. and perhaps that is the reason for my somber mood.

that i am craving quiet. and the only way to achieve such a goal is to learn the gentle art of saying no.

which i have done twice this week for THE first time. and i was scared. but i set my foot down. albeit gently.

and i’ll tell ya: i could get used to it.

it felt good. and right.

and that, friends. is the end of that.


i really over-used the word.

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6 thoughts on “finally

  1. Nice petite fours! But I think I will wait for Una to make her own…

    I like the new face on your blog, too!

  2. Oh! They turned out wonderfully, Regan. I am sure your daughter was just so delighted.

    You have me curious about that book, minus the profanity, of course. Would it free me of some of the things I think are necessary that probably are not, those things that bog me down? (a completely rhetorical question =) I do fold fitted sheets, but I know they’re not perfect by any means. It’s just my way of making them stack in the linen closet.

    Anyway, your June reflections are thoughtfully good. Yesterday, I jotted some things down about my children, where they’re at right now, so I’d remember … They change so quickly. And also so that by the time I get around to those darn scrapbooks, I will be able to match sentiments and tidbits about them with the photos =)

    Glad you enjoyed Toy Story 3. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Wow! I watched the petit four video and that was a lot of work! Mama of the year!

  4. The little cakes turned out delightful; your daughter will remember these for sure.

    I only fold the sheets that go in the linen closet! My plan is to always wash & replace in the same day, and not have to fold them at all. Of course, sometimes the day slips away and a forgetten load sits in the washer at the end of the day… instead of dried in the dryer.

    June has flown by for our family, too!

  5. Sarah Oldham on said:

    I’m with the others on the tiny cakes. Very pretty and yummy looking!!!!!
    I’m with Suzie about the sheets. Each bed has two sets. Rarely do I have to pull out the carefully folded ones in the linen closet . . . rarely. But, I can’t not fold the sheets if they need to be put in the linen closet. Fitted are pretty easy to fold once you learn how. I have my sister to thank for teaching me. But, I try and not let things like that bother me so much any more. OH! Did you get the woodrose?

  6. petit fours may not be hard – but they are time consuming and once again, your patience is astounding!

    oops. i’ve been found.

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