a kindergarten diploma

the homeschool way.

mama made. bound. and delivered.

washable. re-usable.

can be used alone.

or shared with others.

but best of all it will always evoke love.

for letters. learning. reading. and sharing.

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10 thoughts on “a kindergarten diploma

  1. Cute. Very cute! I love those pirate patches. Very boy. 😉

  2. Oh, you finished it!!! It is so adorable, Regan. And I can just tell he loves it SO much! Probably because he can truly feel your love wrapped in it =)

  3. Much better than a paper diploma! Well done & super cute.

  4. annita on said:

    Regan, you are awesome… so creative! He will keep this forever… +JMJ+

  5. very sweet and homey !! I’d like to come for a visit, I think 😉

  6. Oh it turned out so cute!!!!

  7. how cute. where did you get the curious george fabric? has it been around? i’ve been staying away from any and all fabric internet stores. seriously. i shouldn’t have typed that, because I just jinxed myself. but i know a certain boy who needs a little bit of that elephant, so i can make an exception for that.

  8. and what i really should have typed is what a wonderful gift. i’m loving the embroidered letters. and i envy the way you seamlessly weave your embroidery into the stuff you make.

  9. Sarah on said:

    Well done. I absolutely love it and the love it evokes.

  10. How lovely!!! Very curious but what is the book with the bunny named? Thank you!!

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