the focus

these people that i love so much.

the blue of the water and sky.

the white. frothy foam.

the cool breeze.

all of them blessings from a God Who is so. so. good.

those lashes. that smile.

silvery painted toes. sparkling like the flecks of sand.

a nap on a crisp. cotton sheet.

a yummy picnic lunch.

all because daddy needed a day off.

we all need a day off sometimes

to look for sand crabs.

and to find one another.

among the quiet noises of the great outdoors.

so as to keep the focus where it needs to be.

on God.

and on each other.

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10 thoughts on “the focus

  1. What a beautiful day, so glad you are having a great summer!

  2. Chrisitne on said:

    OH HOW I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit my butt in that sand with you and just talk. I would have to gaze away a couple of times just to look at the water. To think about God. To make sure my kids are not drowning. Then back to talking about how good life is and what a gift. How I hold on to these days with a death grip. Some day…long long many days from now…when I am old and gray…my spouse is gone…my kids are busy…I will long for these days.
    But…I am young and my kids are babies. I long to live these days.
    enjoy and hold onto your precious moments too.

  3. Stunning…love the words and images. I could smell the salt in the air. Wow. I’ll be back to look at this post again and again.

  4. Beautiful day of rest and fun! What a blessing to live near the ocean… the closest we get to the vastness of the ocean here in ND is driving by a ripening flax field.

  5. How I love to see a snippet of your family’s day off! Just beautiful. Hold them close. And these precious memories, too.

  6. So beautiful, Regan…the words…the images…the emotions evoked by your eloquence.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts…

  7. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Your words and pictures are poetry to this little soul.

  8. Such a lovely day! Refreshment for body and soul and your pictures capture it and provide refreshment for our eyes.

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