laugh often

at yourself.

and then use a good. free. photo editor.

joining nadja, i did this self-portrait thing.

you should try it too.

focus on your assets (because we all have them).

mine: lip gloss and new haircut.

the sun and its damaging effects is a lot like a good piece of cheesecake. all is fine and well in the moment. but later it’ll bite you in the butt. or in my case: the forehead.

don’t i look younger? though. with this short little cut.  it’s amazing what a new hairdo will “do”.

i had something else in mind. but my sister-in-law/hairdresser nora, sat me down. let me tell her what i wanted and then proceeded to tell me “that’s fine. but i am still going to do whatever i want.”

ok then.

so it was shorter than i intended. but so perfect for summer.

and eating good cheesecake.

and it is a breeze to wash.

and these days i am all about easier ya know.

today in the shower i didn’t even shave my legs all.the.way. i cheated and measured right about where my capris would “show”.

i wanted to hurry up and get out.

i had a lot on my mind.

like how i desperately needed to get to the library. and to the store to buy more borax.

i love borax so. much. it makes things so white. and clean.

i really am this boring interesting in real life.

oh. and speaking of love: there was this desert flower. it was blooming in my grandma’s front yard. all yellow and bright like the morning sun.

and these grilled pita. veggie pizzas. so easy. and so good.

and of course if one is truly living well there has to be sewing.

red work to be exact.

i have great plans for more roses like this one. but i can’t say them out loud. or they’ll never happen. so that’s all for now.

and. finally. for that sweet minnesota mama. and because i pretty much had all of the “blonde” cut off of my own head:

so there was a blonde. and she went to see a ventriliquist perform. he didn’t “notice” her in the audience and began telling dumb blonde jokes (as part of his act). everyone laughed but she became offended. stood up. and told him how she felt. upset that everyone stereotypes blondes as dumb. and stupid. he apologizes profusely. and she says to him: “shut up. i am not talking to you. i am talking to that jerk who is sitting on your lap.”

i am still laughing at this one.

my cheeks hurt. and i am outta here.

i hope your days too are filled with lots of meaningful conversations. good food. creative endeavors. and any(or even all) of  the millions of beautiful things and moments there are to be had.


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9 thoughts on “laugh often

  1. Sarah Oldham on said:

    You’re beautiful. Gorgeous, even.
    You make me laugh – great joke! So glad you shared that.
    Your photography is stunning, to say the least.
    Enjoy being and doing . . . at your own pace.
    Pax Christi!

  2. annita on said:

    Beautiful woman… beautiful pictures… funny joke! As always, I enjoyed my “visit”! +JMJ+

  3. I love your new haircut, Regan. It is so cute. And I’m glad you find it easy, too. When it’s cute AND easy, well, it’s just about perfect, isn’t it? Especially when you’re a busy mama.

    Have a blessed weekend! I hope to write (at least start!) a letter this week =) My summer wasn’t going by very quickly, but August seems to be zooming by!!

  4. LOL!

    love the hair.

  5. oh. and borax. i forgot to say i really like it too. thanks for reminding me.

  6. regan…you’re beautiful…inside and out…and pretty dern funny, too! Hubby hacked about six inches off my hair, nothing fancy but it’s amazing how much better it feels to not be so weighed down. Love your “do”…it’s sweet and sassy, like you!

  7. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by requesting another joke. Would it help if I admitted to having blonde highlights?

    Thank you for the closing request to live more fully. I am doing a couple things differently since last I blogged my mouth off about them…

    So yay. I’ll have something to talk about when I return.

    (one would hope)

    (no guarantees)

  8. Nothing like a new “do” to shake things up a bit, eh? You look great, not at all like a mom to Big Kids.

    Love the header.

    Am not ready to think about school, although I ordered most of my books today. I am told by an experience mom that I am suffering from homeschool burnout, as is evidenced by my total reluctance to schedule even the most mundane tasks…usually I am very structure oriented, everything in me is rebelling against all structure right now. At least I am hanging onto my morning prayers…

    Your life seems so contemplative from where I sit. When I can find the time to sit. A lovely little oasis of heart and soul.

  9. Ack!!! I’ve been *SO (!!!!!)* neglecting my blog these days (months) that i’ve been neglecting everyone else’s too! 😦

    it’s so nice to see your face 🙂 I always like putting a face w/a friend :o)

    i ordered all my books yesterday – they should be here next week… planning is yet to come *eeeek*!

    i hope you’re doing well my dear. you are such a joy in my virtual world – :o)

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