anew. -adverb. 1. over again. again. once more. to play the tune anew. 2. in a new form or manner. to write the story anew.

august. summers’ lease winding down. yet it is still so hot. everyone is getting to bed a little earlier. short lessons replace non-stop fun. a skeleton of a schedule is scribbled on notebook paper. stacks of index cards and colorful post-it notes grace the inside of a creamy white crate on the bookshelf next to my bed. promising that i’ll “get it right” this year.

this is the homeschool song.

it is the tune we’ve played for eleven years now.

a very big part of the story of us.

i won’t go into details about books or curriculum. it might overwhelm you.

heck. it overwhelms me!

and besides. this experience is unique to every family.

i don’t have all of the answers. every year is different. every child different.

and i don’t do this with the hope of being that family anymore.

you know that family. the one with the traveling band. wearing matching/color-coordinated outfits. bringing in millions of dollars of revenue every year. they read the bible six hours a day. cook fine french cuisine. the children speak eleven different languages and have already been accepted to harvard.


we are this family.

unique and precious in the eyes of God.

we struggle. and succeed. and struggle again.

it is the same story anew.

the story of the cross.

the story of the christian: family. homeschool. etc.

so that table didn’t get painted quite yet. and the books haven’t all arrived on time.

but the enthusiasm is fresh. the crayons are still sharp.

sort of.

and there is a new black kitty who loves: to be snuggled. eat broiled salmon. plain greek yogurt. and sleep in the bathroom sink.

so deep down i really don’t expect we’ll ever get it right.

but tone-deaf or not i keep on listening.

’cause i really love our song…..

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4 thoughts on “anew

  1. Chrisitne on said:

    When I die I am coming back as a little black kitty so I can get me some of that good broiled salmon!!! lucky lucky kitty!!

    Your family is so awesome…and unique. Keep it that way. DO NOT CHANGE.

  2. annita on said:

    Love your posts, Regan (and your pictures)! I can hardly believe that we are beginning our 16th year of homeschooling. At least people today do not look at us like we have antlers growing out of our heads when I tell them we homeschool… well, at least not as often! 😉


  3. are you insane? what are you knitting now?

    we’re not that family either. though my daughter, at one time in a different house, crawled up the stairs backwards singing “farewell…adieu…”

    love this post.

    love the idea of a file crate next to your bed….totally increases the usable worspace of a nightstand, no?

  4. Beautiful black cat … I had a favorite black cat as a child. Isn’t is awesome that we all persist in homeschooling, even with our uncertainties and imperfections. Even if what we are doing is different from the next family, it fits our family and is where we are called to be and what we are called to do. Two more weeks for us, then it’s time for paper, pencils & crayons!

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