just peachy

no pun intended.

those peaches are peachy. and juicy too!

but i am just peachy.

not juicy.

the farmer’s market is in full swing here. we withdrew our membership to the local CSA and are going instead. weekly. to the market. to pick out what we want. as opposed to getting a box per their selection. is it more costly. yes. because by the time we get there. naturally everyone is hungry. and then there are the vendors. and then everyone is thirsty. and then there are more vendors. so. i become mean. “we are only here for fruit and veggies.” i say. “so starve.”

not really.

we drink fresh-squeezed o.j. and taste all sorts of delicious samples. one week we try mexican food. another greek. sometimes i throw in a beaded ring (why those are swarovski crystal beads, mama! (as if that should matter) ). or an exotic looking bracelet. and if i am feeling really generous, honey sticks. and of course if i say no, nana says yes. she is nicer.

on a different note: i am knee-deep in piles of sympathy clutter. you know that stuff which every person who knows you “homeschool” likes to send your way. 2 million sheets of orange paper from the neighbors. 10 lbs. of foamy/shape/ stickers from the mechanic’s wife. the 37 spiral bound notebooks from great-grandma.

oh, yes, folks. it’s ALL going in the trash or to the thrift store.

even some much-loved artwork belonging to the children i love so dearly.

there will be some tears. hence my strategy of using black trash bags. it is harder to see just what mama is throwing away.

and frankly, being clutter free makes me just peachy too!

now if only i felt that way about really. officially. starting school………………

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4 thoughts on “just peachy

  1. I need a smaller house. I keep thinking that I need a bigger one, but that just enables one to accumulate more. I spent half my life accumulating; it would be nice to spend the second half divesting myself of all the accumulation! But as long as I have kids, I find that hard to do…

    And Una and I have a weakness for blank notebooks…

  2. Chrisitne on said:

    I am looking to declutter also. It is such a job!

    School starts soon. Amazing how fast these days go by.

    I have a weakness for all that kind of free stuff. It would probably stay in my house. sigh.

  3. I know what you mean about the clutter. I thought I did a good job when we moved, but I feel like I need to do it again before we move into our real house. (And more than 1/2 of our stuff is in storage!) I feel like this smaller space looks messier all. the. time, because it’s simply not designed for 7 people. But I would like being a bit more clutter-free anyway. It’s simply more peaceful and visually calming. But it’s hard. Really hard …

    Oh, and yes, my husband liked the Ignatius book. His silent retreat last year was based on the spiritual exercises, and it was fabulous. He is going again this fall … I’d like to go on one, too. The silent one I went on this summer was not Ignatian in spirituality (although still good). So, I encourage you to go, if you can, on the one you’re thinking about.

    Blessings as you gear up for school to begin.
    Happy day.

  4. i need to declutter.
    i need to declutter.

    its a never ending job, no?

    i need to declutter.

    hey! i just bought a peach tree for our very own yard! how exciting is that? i mean sevral years away from fruit exciting, but still!

    peach trees don’t count as clutter.

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