whether real or imagined.

can be beautiful.

perspective is really what’s so important.

it’s all in how one look at things.

if only we all had the perspective of a 6 year-old.

they embrace storms with arms wide open.

with curiosity and courage.

they aren’t afraid to go out into the lightning.

because they want to feel the wetness on their bare skin.

and dance in the rain.


oh to be 6 again.

i am sharing this:

“…all who love justice and hate iniquity must be forever discontented, must see a great number of things ill done by themselves and others, and must be longing to restore all things in Christ. by prayer, example, encouragement, denunciation, we have all labored to bring the reign of justice, yet are conscious of how much still remains to be done. yet despite this chronic state of discontent, the heart should be at PEACE.”

i didn’t write the author’s name when i copied it down. sorry.

words like that go great with a small bowl of ice cream, don’t ya think?

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2 thoughts on “storms

  1. With ice cream indeed … or a warm cup of not-real coffee* so early on this Friday morning, as I sit and contemplate that lovely quote.

    Beautiful images and reflections. On storms. Real, rainy ones and the ones of life. As you know, I have a 6yo, too. They are great, aren’t they?!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    (*BTW, I can’t drink real coffee when I’m expecting. At first, I just can’t stand it, but once that’s over, I still can’t handle the strength. Probably for the better. So, I’m having one of those instant foo-foo kinds this a.m. LOL. Now, if only I could steer clear of the caffeine after I give birth. You know on those sleepy mornings when I’ve been up most the night! That’s what gets me back into the bad habit of “needing” it everyday. Sigh.)

  2. You know I love storms. I’m right there with him, smelling that wet screen. Good stuff.

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