playing along

with alice.

snapshots focusing on making home.

i do so love a season that incorporates fake cobwebs into the picture, don’t you?

i am sort of over the limit…it was 2 photos, wasn’t it?

so sorry, alice.

but after not posting for, oh…say…5 days…my fingers were itching!

and here i am. with another sunflower. they really are my favorite flowers.

this one has a face i’m tellin’ ya. she was smiling at me in my kitchen on sunday morning as i baked a chocolate cream cheese birthday cake for our priest. and i just had to capture it.

so….we’ve got pumpkins and acorns galore in every nook and cranny of this old house.

oh, and cobwebs. real ones.

and there is rain pitter-pattering outside. it was an awfully gloomy day. but we won’t focus on that.

and i am still overwhelmed. super busy. annoyed with school.

hence my absence here in this place.

i will get over this folks. i am trying.

i am doing lots of spiritual reading and it helps.

the saints do wonders for making one feel like a complaining worm.


yours truly. a complaining worm.

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5 thoughts on “playing along

  1. i always admire people who can decorate with the seasons. for the season? this year i managed to do a bit. and i mean bit.

    are those potholders new this year? cute!

  2. Pretty fall decorations. So inspiring and happy! I think fall is my favorite season for decorating. Although this year, there won’t be much. Oh well. It’s just one year.

    And sunflowers are my favorites, too =)

  3. Chrisitne on said:

    very very pretty.

    do not worry about complaining. that’s what we are here for. a shoulder to lean on. an ear to listen.

    take one day at a time. do the best you can and then at then end of the day….laugh. You must laugh at least once a day. a lot. wish I had a goofy thing to say right now just to make you laugh but I need to make supper and clean…all that kind of goop.

    thoughts to you from me.

  4. It’s the same here, except I haven’t decorated for Fall! There are chinese lanterns drying in the garage, my MIL brought over a pumpkin/candle centerpiece, and our pumpkins sit on the porch. At least harvest is started and going well. A fellow worm!!

  5. Regan, I love your making home pics and I don’t care how many you have up… I am just happy that someone is playing along with me. 🙂
    And I can totally relate to your worm-ness. You are right, the lives / writings of the saints have a way of re-adjusting one’s perspective. I stay overwhelmed lately… and quite frequently frustrated.

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