from the land of milk and cookies.

the baby said this. referring to the promised land. and i thought it sounded so wonderfully cute.

oops. he laughed: i meant the land of milk and honey.

the idea that there is a place that actually has two of his favorite things flowing is incredible to him.

6 is a great age. it is right before the age of reason.

reasoning isn’t always good.

i was going to say something negative about teenagers and reason. but i’ll keep my mouth shut.

for now.

anyhoo…there is a chill in the air. everyone is sporting warm jammies. it’s too cold to go out with wet hair. and i feel like i need tea 12 times a day to keep warm. and i am wondering what happened to fall? did we somehow skip it? because the chill is february-ish. and i. want. fall.

so i had all sorts of grand things to share. but i am just too tired. and i have papers to grade and some juicy snail mail to read. and the baby keeps trudging up the stairs as if he hasn’t had my undivided attention all-the-day long.

spoiled rotten you say? you bet! to. the. core.

i am IMMENSELY enjoying my snail mail pals-and i rarely use CAPS-you know who you are ladies-it is so fun and relaxing. this exchange of handwritten letters and cards. and, well, just plain special to forge a bond with someone unseen. and really, unknown. yet, so kindred.

well, sisters in Christ (because that is really what we all are, right?) my dear readers and friends. i am signing off of this virtual space. again.

but i will be back soon.

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6 thoughts on “greetings!

  1. Oh, I so understand…although I love the immediacy of the internet–and God knows, without it I would likely have little contact with anyone, as I hardly write letters these days in the flurry of busyness that is my current life–there is nothing like pen-to-paper missals. I used to write 20-page letters to my sister, full of doodles in the margins and newspaper clippings. Maybe again, one day…

    Seems like your teenager is giving you heartache and head-cramps. I have a friend here going through the same. She says I need to enjoy all the problems of my little ones, because the problems of the big ones are, well, BIG.

  2. love it.

    here? we greet the days with “good mowning shtawrshine! the earf shays hello!” by a three year old.

    bonus points if you can recognize the movie.

  3. Snail Mail. Mmmmm.

  4. annita on said:

    Six-year-old boys are a delight, aren’t they? I have one snoozing next to me right now! +JMJ+

  5. Chrisitne on said:

    slurp slurp slurp…drinking tea right along with you.

    thinking of you also.

    my 7yr old boy is a sweety. His innocent eyes melt my heart everyday.

    send some chill this way it is way too hot here in MN!

  6. regina on said:

    what is it about boys. . . they are just so darn cute. maybe i think that because i only have one.

    tug (my hubby) is in so cal this week. havent heard him complain about cold, though it has been chilly up here to.

    and, you have just inspired me to go write a hand written note, wonder who i should send it to.


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