the end

do you ever feel like that about the week?

like: oh, hello friday. i am so glad you came. i never thought i’d see the likes of you again.

the weekend has a peaceful glow that the rest of the week just doesn’t have.

the rest of the week is like being at the center of a cyclone. there are these powerful and destructive forces swirling about you. scattering your senses and bearings. but there is beauty and awe can which can only be seen when you step away from it all. 

a beauty and awe which is nothing less than the Hand of God.

 so. what to write today?

i thought you might want to discuss which is the lesser of the two evils. playdough or oil-based clay.

definitely playdough. and besides, i like the way it smells.

i declare playing with playdough a life skill. my children have been keeping busy for hours during these too hot to go outside october days. i, too, have been running the air conditioning a lot. it makes me sick. but the weather leaves me no choice.

or i could share with you the contents of my apron pockets. things i’ve gathered throughout the day. trash. treasures. re-chargeable batteries. clingy dustbunnies.

or how my hands are itching to do something creative. to knead some dough. to hold a needle and some thread…i can’t seem to get any projects besides dusting the mini-blinds and sorting the laundry completed.

so instead i’ll just leave you with these pictures. of my home. with pumpkins and the color orange abounding. 

love of the good. the just. and the beautiful.

words from yesterday’s magnificat.

“we have an obligation to make a sustained effort on a daily basis to work at interior perfection, because whether we intend it or not, the effect we have on others will be the reflection of what we are within.”

now mind you, my standards are kind of low. so please bear with me.

happy weekend friends!

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2 thoughts on “the end

  1. Happy weekend. Feed the cyclones. It calms them down. Caramel ice cream sundaes for St. Teresa. Love you, dear.

  2. so i was just reading somewhere that all of these collide: beauty, science, religion – but i can’t remember where i read that.

    hmn…father corapi was just mentioning we’re all in a rock tumbler, tumbling off each other’s rough edges. these work well together, no?

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