with her own hands

it came wrapped like a present.

he very carefully unwrapped it.

sometimes you can tell a book by its’ cover.

“did she make this with her own hands?”  he asked me.

“well, yes”,  i said.

“did you take the pictures?” he asked.

“no, i did not”, i replied.

“wow, this is really nice. can i get a pocketknife?”

and that pretty much sums up how very interesting this wonderful book is to little Catholic boys.

there have been repeated requests for a pocketknife.

there have been numerous attempts to start fires in the yard.

and there is a renewed interest in bug watching. 

which quite often happens on an hourly  basis.

so i am ever so grateful for this inspiration.

this enthusiasm for boyhood and the faith.

this work of her hands.

a book that makes me proud to be a Catholic mama.

grateful that i have boys to share this adventure with. 

now go buy yourself one.

you know you want to!

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5 thoughts on “with her own hands

  1. I am planning for this to be one of Sebastian’s Christmas gifts. He already has the pocket knife…

  2. Lovely review, Regan.

    I am very intrigued by this book. And her other books. I may just have to make a little investment 😉

  3. I am just itching to get this book, however, my son is not quite 5 yet. What do you think a good age for pocket knives is? I think I should wait until he’s older…even though I really want it now!

  4. I saw this book at Jenn’s on Sunday. Isn’t it wonderful?! It’s the perfect wee tome for little boys who, as you know, are pretty wonderful too.

  5. Oh, Regan. You are so sweet. I am so glad that you like it!

    The pocket knife age at this particular house is 10 (both boys and girls love them… I have one of my own!). I have an 8 year old who asks for one at least weekly, on the off chance that I might have changed my mind. 😉

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