oh. those. kinds. of. days.

the kind where you burn your tongue taste-testing your husband’s morning coffee.

and middle son uses your favoritest tea towel. the one you embroidered as a young girl. while you were still living at home. dreaming of your own home. to wash the car.

and the baby eats a bowl of yogurt and frozen blueberries in your bed while you are away visiting your sick grandmother. so when you come home. and fall into said bed. you collapse on said bowl. and it hurts.

no. this wasn’t quite what i dreamed it would be…

it’s better.

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3 thoughts on “better

  1. Chrisitne on said:

    You are having quite a day.

    It is good to share so I can send you some big blogger HUGS!!

    It is sorta funny on this end of it though. a “oh my” kind of funny.

    this too shall pass.

  2. I had a conversation this evening with a friend who was having the same sort of day. I’m sorry! This morning, I watched Fulton Sheen videos in my son’s homeschooling religion class. He said that God doesn’t like us to be too settled because then we get stale. He gave the example of long ago winemaking — fill a vat with juice, let it set for awhile, pour off the wine and leave the dregs at the bottom. Repeat 6 or 7 or 8 times till you have wonderful, clear wine! If it just sits in the original vat, not being “unsettled” every now and then, it gets stale and sour and full of “dregs.” This made me think of when my life gets CRAZY on the sort of day you’re having today.

  3. Thanks, Regan. I needed to read this … today!

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